Baithak with the legends

first_imgIn view of fostering the uniqueness of Indian art and culture, the Legends of India – a non-profit organisation takes the privilege of organising ‘Baithak’, which will induce a direct interactive session with Ustad Aashish Khan and spectators. The event is to feature a classical musical performance of the maestro where he would mesmerise all with the golden strings of his Sarod, which would be an absolute treat for eyes and ears for the audience. Accompanying him on stage will be his nephew, Shiraz Ali Khan on Sarod. The evening will also see the participation of Kathak maestro Pt Sandeep Mahavir. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfTheir recent collaboration with Amar Ujala Gharana aur Parampara, shall give a new impetus. “Music, being the purest form of art, possesses a power to transcend all barriers of language, religion, geography, and hierarchy”, said Dipayan Mazumdar, Founder Chairman of Legends of India. The organisation introduced ‘Morning Ragas’ and ‘Baithaks’ in 2015 and since then they have been organising a monthly event religiously in collaboration with Sangeet Natak Akademi and the Ministry of Culture, they also look forward to popularising and appreciating Indian music through programs like ‘Baithak’, and create memorable experiences. In its seventeen years of existence, Legends of India has effectively carried out the mandate of holding exhibitions of the visual arts and live concerts by ‘Legends’ and ‘Would be Legends’.last_img read more

A case of possession by love

first_imgThis April, love will linger in the erotic colours of charming bodies when Ramli Ibrahim, a celebrated Malaysia dancer and Odissi exponent will perform a unique contemporary Odissi presentation at Kamani auditorium on April 6 at 7 pm. ‘Amorous Delight: A case of possession by love’, organised by Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra and Sutra Foundation depicts the delight and frustrations, the sensuous charms and mad intoxication, the anguish of union-separation of the complex gamut of the sense of belonging and not belonging, found in this human obsession, called Love, in an intense poetic language of the body. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf With dance composition and artistic direction by Meera Das and Ramli Ibrahim – Amorous Delight – derives its inspiration from ‘Amarushataka’, the ninth century anthology of hundred Sanskrit couplets, all based on ‘shringara rasa’ in which love lingers in the erotic contours of charming bodies. The ‘Amarushataka’ had been illustrated by Indian chitrakars (traditional painters) over centuries from different parts of India. The visual images rendered in palm-leaf (pothi) of the medieval ‘Sharanakula’ palm leaf master (his name was never known) of Nayagarh district, Odisha, were some of the most beautiful and artistic of these rare illustrations. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveShobha Deepak Singh, Director, Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, says, “The work is refreshingly different and sufficiently ‘controversial’ to tickle everyone’s senses and curiosity. The focus is on the ability of the dancers to impart a sensuous atmosphere evoking the subtle nuances of love and its many splendored settings. The work is contemporary within the matrix of traditional subject matter and Odissi.”What makes this staging particularly exciting is the added creative input of Dato’ Sri Bernard Chandran, Malaysia’s fashion mogul and designer to the region’s celebrities, royalty and high society mavens, who will be giving the production an alluring new look in terms of its costume design. The lighting design by Sivarajah Natarajan invites the audience to a ravishing visual feast of the highest order. As a teacher of Bharatanatyam and Odissi, Ramli has groomed some of the finest dancers, who have emerged from Malaysia and at the same time placed Indian classical dance in the context of the Malaysian experience. As Artistic Director of Sutra Dance Theatre, which he started in 1983, Ramli Ibrahim has always envisioned his creativity as a holistic universal experience, one that transcends all cultural boundaries. Says Ramli Ibrahim, “True to the spirit of creativity, ‘Amorous Delight’ points to a creative eclectic future while reflecting (but not absconding from) the past. The intimate, intense and timeless visions of love have continually inspired painters to express themselves in literature, visual and performing arts since ancient times.” With no systematic story-line of the lover and the beloved; in each rendition, the verses of Amarushataka allude to new images of the pleasures and sorrows of love in its multitude of shades and settings. Each lyrical poem, complete in itself, enshrines in cameo-like images of various fleeting emotions, moods and attitudes, couched in language and imagery, which conjure up magical voluptuous beauty and charm.last_img read more

Make a simple outfit shine using jewellery makeup

first_imgFor every occasion, picking the perfect ensemble with jewellery and make-up that accentuates the outfit is they key to stand out. Experts give some tips: Pair busy patterns with subdued jewellery: If the outfit has a busy print or textures, ensure that it is paired with simple jewellery. Solid watches, earrings and bracelets go a long way. The focus should be on simplicity – a small pendant, diamond studs, and a simple bracelet is enough to make an outfit look complete. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfHighlight your face with statement earrings: Match your earrings to your face shape and put on a pair of statement earrings to bring out your best facial features. For example, women with heart-shaped faces should consider earrings that are wider at the bottom for a balanced look. If your face has an oval shape, triangular earrings and studs will showcase your cheekbones. Illuminate your skin tone with jewellery that complements it: Gold tones go well with darker hair, while silver illuminates most natural tones. White gold and gems that are purple, blue and red pair nicely with cooler skin tones. Warmer skin tones go well with orange, yellow and green gemstones, as well as with yellow metals. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveColour coordination: For a complete look, it is imperative to coordinate the colour of the jewellery pieces based on the outfit. White pearls match well with blue and green outfits. Purple clothes should be paired with green emeralds or gold-toned jewellery. Diamonds can be coordinated with any look, and black jewellery makes a neutral outfit look spectacular. Make your eyes pop: If there’s a time to get over your fear of colourful eye shadows and eyeliners, it is now. They sound intimidating but are actually really easy to use. Switch your trusted black winged liner with a coloured one or add a pop of colour in the inner corners of the eye. If you really want to make a statement, use a bright colour under the bottom lash line. Build up your mascara: Build up coats of mascara to get the right amount of volume on your lashes. It’s the easiest way to fake the false eyelash look. Always curl your lashes before applying mascara. If you’re feeling particularly colourful this festive season, try coloured mascara with a matching eyeshadow. Add flush to your cheeks: To make your face look vibrant and fresh, use a generous amount of blush. Cheek tints are the best way to add that dewy glow, but if you want more saturated colour, layer it with a powder blush and set. Add highlighter for the glow: Sweep the right amount of highlighter on to the high points of your face to give you that radiant glow. The right shade of highlighter depends on your skin tone. If your skin tone is deep, use a gold highlighter, and if your skin tone is light, use a pearly gold or pink highlighter. Make a statement with your lip colour: Festivals are the perfect occasions to make a statement with luscious lip colours. Pick up bright reds and pinks and go bold. Top it up with a metallic or shimmery gloss for fresh and pouty lips.last_img read more