August 2017

recently started small optimization site — Anhui talent network, although the establishment of the website time is not short, but the true number of users is not optimistic, many people will think this is the reason why the market competition, more at present, but from the angle of Shanghai dragon of the part or the need to optimize the site there are so small, every day in the study site need to add keywords and site content is what the user has not yet found valuable information ". Of course, this is a member of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to do the work, but the effect remains to be seen if you webmaster execution read more


then I take the initiative to adjust, updated daily original articles, and push it to the top, and then update a pseudo original article, pushed to the "recommended" plate, the rest of the article, I will look at the situation at random, regardless of its position. About a week later, my snapshots came up, with the sustained and stable included.

you know, want to get the latest snapshot, included the fastest, first you update frequency fast, followed by the quality of your high. The site, at least 2, 3 people in charge of a column, more than ten or twenty people in charge of the channel or plate, but also the cooperation of traditional news media or website first hand original source, update frequency, quantity and quality of course, no doubt, and no doubt included snapshot quickly. However, for small sites, especially one station, usually a site has 3, 4 plates, limited manpower, impossible to achieve each plate are updated every day. The station we usually updated daily two original articles is not easy. Therefore, these two articles, as we get the latest and fastest snapshot included main force. read more

put two pieces of cake free cake, one is 9 inches, the other one is 6 inches, all locked the big one to carve, is not very stupid? In fact, for the flow is not that so? This is statistics a search engine traffic accounted for, not some social software such as: WeChat, micro-blog, the public account number……

for two years, the mobile user equipment upgrade close to 3 hundred million, which is the number of terrible? For now, 1 billion 170 million, has been completely equivalent to the Chinese per person a mobile phone in the internet. And relatively speaking: Chinese computer can mean to one per person? Won the customers, won the business, advertising is not the only PC can do! But unfortunately, there is still at least one half of the site is not recognized this opportunity to mobile traffic. read more

recently friends often ask to use Chinaz webmaster tools, display the flow of Shanghai is what love, because I love it when the flow of Shanghai is zero, he did not how to pay attention to, yesterday suddenly found his love for Shanghai traffic is actually 31, is a detailed study, found the love of Shanghai index and keywords ranking are 2 main factors affecting the flow of love Shanghai, love this flow of Shanghai is actually a very accurate estimate, in fact, is also a webmaster tools to estimate by love Shanghai search engine to your site flow: read more



spider in dealing with the dynamic web page information is facing the problem. Dynamic web page refers to the automatically generated by the program page. Now the Internet developed program development more and more dynamic web scripting language, nature developed more and more, such as JSP, ASP, PHP and so on some language. The spider is difficult to handle these scripting languages generated web pages. The optimization of personnel in the optimization of the time, always emphasize to not use the JS code to improve the handling of these spiders have their own language and script. In website optimization, reduce the number of unnecessary script code, so that the spider crawling, resulting in fewer repeat grab page page read more

is now working.

The new company is engaged in the

also, during this period of time is updated every day 3-5 website information (note original). It is natural in the chain were interspersed in the article. Head, middle and tail add an article. Add the first page head (category) central link, add a product (the same category) link, the tail added links on this page. The formation of tree link is a spider’s way of love.

took over, on the website of the integrated query, first of all, the problems found is the key setting, keyword description, keywords are not usually search words, such as "small" Huizhou Huizhou in Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture crafts"…… These words, people are Speechless. What’s more, some keywords to describe keyword stack. Erhuaweishuo, the boss let me look at how to get, since it is responsible for the site, what problems can communicate with the website, is the key to solve the problem. Since we are doing business projects, such as "investment" and "project" and "entrepreneurship"…… This word is certain to appear, then the other industry Web site keywords, after making a good keyword. Of course, the new station is to be submitted to the major search engines. In third days were submitted (love Shanghai, Google, YAHOO, soso, Sogou, Youdao, Bing, can register an account, in the online business management in the background – login search submitted for domain name). read more

three, machine

site in the performance of many database operations, will also affect the site open speed, here the asp+access layout of the site is particularly significant, especially with many users to submit comment, as database lock operation, resulting in the site open.



six, many database operations

software, security and software, will affect the server environment, which affect the network speed. The server device software firewall, committed some network speed, so VPS, or independent server users install a firewall is enough. read more

The 404 page

3, allowing users to have a certain sense of trust on the site, when users access to a can not open the page, if there is wrong with the browser page, users might think the site is rubbish, do not feel so seriously, and if there is a 404 page to guide the user friendly return to other pages, so the user in mind should think the site is good, security and error handling is in place, so that users can more trust website.

second of the website, how to set up the

website set 404 page read more


From the

This site is now the

first website: new online second days included, a massive increase in the chain, the webmaster forum signature and contribute the chain occupy most, whether it is included or early website ranking rise all the way, the survival time of one and a half months:

third website: New >


4, black hat, black chain, links to purchase the results: without the use of

from the routine check and found no problems (when the love Shanghai has not made outside the chain of punishment is not coherent announcement). read more


and I came into contact with XXX, people rely on the forum, on the QQ space, on the blog, on micro-blog know, rely on the income of millions of years;

I feel shy to talk to others because of the collapse of the company performance, I said to myself: the purpose of network marketing is through the network to sell products, sell services,

because we believe that through the Internet can let you double the performance, achieve their wealth, free time;

is everything is relative, please seek technical level of network God don’t laugh at read more