Luna Shanghai dragon chubby and hackers are not enemies

contact Shanghai Longfeng, link exchange and sale has not stopped, and black chain trading is more frequent, but there is no doubt that these black chain sources, many by hackers steal FTP related, then using Trojan tools added, and today her chubby want to say is, Shanghai the dragon should pay attention to the chain, instead of black chain.

can view the site in addition to their timing, but also learn some experience of hacker attack and defense are necessary, such as the source code of some basic security protection, after all, not all source have made the safe handling, the programmer may have more experience than our Shanghai dragon er.

Luna xiaopangSource: 贵族宝贝renjie007贵族宝贝

webmaster Renjie survey feeds are welcome turn, please indicate the author and source, thank you.


if your website ranking has been very good, OK you have to be careful, many hackers or peers in the busy looking for your website vulnerabilities or problems, to attack your site, let you in the fall, but he re replace your position.

if you are a webmaster, you want the station quickly get good rankings, the chain is an important factor, and buy a lot of new owners must be linked, Luna chubby suggest you go to A5 or other formal platform network owners to buy, because only these is more reliable, the black chain business not too trustworthy, reliable and timely their website, he is not willing to be hanging horse, not


so the choice of trusted platform is a good choice.

because of my station has repeatedly been attacked, so I hope that such things do not happen to our other webmaster, I hope you learn my lesson, do the chain, do practical content, is the key.

three, watch your website hackers fancy.

I suggest you choose, website cooperation, not to hackers and small partners, otherwise, will let you regret lifelong regret.

This time

two, the owners do not follow credible selection of hackers.

Since the

, a lot of platform can get good links.

there are many webmaster think hackers can help you complete the work of the chain, black chain and feel cheap, highly skilled hacker, can let all sites hang their links, almost 0 of the cost, please don’t forget the good website link is stable, you can add up, they can be removed, so don’t fancy.

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