Must understand four questions before the site operation and maintenance optimization

second, website content sources of research and analysis of

website optimization generally is very simple, after the line after the station structure user experience is ready, the content and the chain, but the professional Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel will not only stay in a vague level, how can we do analysis of the controllability of website optimization, let the data.

first, my site for whom service

detailed analysis of site operation and maintenance strategy

as everyone knows, the development of the Internet is not only convenient for people to communicate and share information and access to information resources, the more important point for the enterprise, can use the Internet to better serve enterprises, because of its range of communication and speed of many traditional platforms are incomparable, enterprise network marketing and website imperative operation optimization first, because positioning, target customers for the directional flow of the acquisition of Shanghai Longfeng is undoubtedly the most effective weapon, the author will gossip short continued, through the following four points for our detailed analysis, we must clarify some basic issues before the site operation and maintenance optimization.

any type of website, the website positioning, planning, operation and maintenance means may be different, but one thing is it is the site of the source of content, regardless of station or enterprise information site, understand the content of construction is the basis for the optimization in stationmaster net for example the needless to say, in addition to publishing its own website administrator the arrangement, a large part comes from the webmaster soft writing, my own empathy is the enterprise stand I content sources have? Users spontaneously contribute? Write? Please write us industry experts pay? Said the first point, the user submission, your website weight high? Why do others you come here. Write your own, online industry information like this value? Themselves write their belly with ink? Or combine the two by finishing two in the original writing and so on these basic content sources we need to consider, I think the love Shanghai algorithm change site late stability and the weight of the rankings improve content quality occupies an important proportion, clear content sources and writing is a compulsory course in Shanghai dragon er.

this point that is the site location problem, such as a simple enterprise station to very simple is to sell products, promote the corporate image and brand information website is a huge amount of information gathered a large number of industry professionals to share ideas, provide valuable information is the core, different types of our website profit is not the same, of course, operation and maintenance strategy will vary, the site is mainly engaged in supporting the network security industry, civil government agencies and security practitioners to provide relevant information exchange channels, indirect recommend their products, this is our business station purpose and we can provide to our target customers the value, so the author thinks that the website optimization before figuring out this basic point is very necessary.


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