How to quickly improve the five methods included new sites and precautions

second, the first to do inside the content submitted to some webmaster, this method increases the chain effect is very good Oh, and the weights of these stations are also high, so many people browse. Five commonly used nets have A5 and Chinaz two, personal feeling of the two stations included fast, by other Shanghai dragon website forward quickly, after all this high popularity.

fourth, can use the weight of the good forum, outside the chain of their own, this is a long process, in fact, global forum is not difficult, it is difficult to hold on, as long as you have enough patience, mix a moderator administrator Dangdang so you be nothing difficult, access to large, naturally easy hair the chain.

first, keep original update website content, around the key set and target site, every day to write some readability and exchange of strong article, the purpose of doing so I think there are two, one is to increase the number of new content page, the two is the training of search engines and timely capture, brother think this is one of the most important link, if this does not do it, then do that but a little.

third, to find peers at the old site swap Links. Just second, if you do well, the chain should be increased very fast, as long as you can update the article every day, of course, the content of this article is to have a little technical content, will need to pay attention to the factors and of course, outside the chain of many webmaster website, are and do not transfer the weight of the code, so that although you have hundreds of thousands of the chain, but they are not too much weight transfer to your new sites, and that this time, we need to stand up for your fellow old station Links, because you are the new, so find the link may not be very good Oh, I remember an article of the blog to write fat is to introduce Links, first friendship link, I think this is very good, only with each other is established Friendship link, naturally you are not be nothing difficult.

The establishment of the

fifth, to submit your new sites to search engine and classified directory, why will this point at the end of it, whose personal view is that only when the above points have a certain foundation, then submit in order to obtain better effect of Shanghai dragon phoenix. As for the reason, I cannot tell you. The new station.

railway station, our Shanghai dragon Er began urgent hope to quickly improve the collection, the problem is difficult, is both simple and see how we are going to face a new operation, and on this blog to take Beijing to Shanghai dragon brother said, this blog after construction that contains the site navigation, the classification, title settings, keywords settings, description of the setting, these are in line with the basic skills of Shanghai dragon, I am going to do the following process, not only a brother, I hope to guide a better process.

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