McGrady cloud website construction the website is one of the core of the Shanghai based Phoenix opti


in the information technology era, promotion of all enterprises also need to rely on the Internet, but the key is to optimize the innovation of enterprise website construction.

optimization is designed to introduce the flow, expand the brand awareness of enterprises, increase the volume of products. Internet plus is a new methodology. McGrady cloud president Zhang hopes by way of the Internet, the key to enhance the user experience and efficiency. "On the construction site optimization, it took me a long time to think. Optimization of website construction is not only good and cheap things, the core site optimization from "beyond expectations.". Only do things to have the opportunity to exceed expectations, while using the Internet to promote the products, marketing costs should be almost zero." On the other hand is brought about by the Internet, cloud, McGrady (www.soowww贵族宝贝/) President Mr. Zhang joked: "I said to the traditional business of modern network, think of real industry hard, while Ma sleep can make money."

then McGrady breakthrough point cloud where? How to optimize Shanghai dragon on the web for

technology is constantly updated changes, new equipment constantly. I do not know whether you have noticed that your customers are trying to use various devices to access your website, including desktop browser, tablet computer and smart mobile phone, and any other possible future new equipment, to provide smooth, consistent, unified, high experience website service for them is urgent. Responsive web design is a web design technology, this method makes the design and development of the page can automatically phase > according to the user’s behavior and equipment environment

Shanghai dragon


McGrady cloud President Mr. Zhang said: "in today’s society, website construction has become the most advanced Internet terminology, as traditional websites are updated, the website construction model into a new marketing mode, in the website construction, we should not only pursue the appearance of the site, should pay more attention to the actual site the significance and effect of publicity, website optimization plays a decisive role in the construction site, a good web site for site optimization can bring considerable flow so as to achieve the purpose of construction, so do the site optimization is very important. Many companies see the Shanghai dragon optimization advantages, just throwing money to love Shanghai fling caution to the winds to do PPC, but did not receive orders and gain substantial, while McGrady cloud philosophy is the most preferential price to make the perfect effect of website optimization."

website optimization technology is the core of innovation, released last year McGrady cloud 2 Revision website optimization is the best example, McGrady cloud developed first use "concept optimization", namely the PC end mobile phone + end response is now the theme of internet. McGrady cloud President Mr. Zhang said: "this idea sounds easy, because in order to solve the problem of website quality, rank etc.. But I believe that in the next two years, McGrady will be in the "cloud concept optimization" to lead the industry trend."


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