Over the three methods to the website search engine manufacturing flow

soft can be extended, can improve the site rankings, can improve the weight, the most important is soft, can increase website traffic to improve the turnover rate. A valuable soft Wen promotion is far better than blindly one hundred times, while the soft bring user loyalty that is not to say. If you can not bring the soft flow, I can only say that you can’t write soft Wen zayang, a writer for the station: this station 贵族宝贝goodook贵族宝贝 network used the Xuanyuan literature, a soft Wen brought two thousand IP to the station one day, and this article is a few large the portal reproduced, this is the soft effect. Relatively speaking, the quality of soft Wen can not bring traffic itself is soft, not good, not to say the user psychology. A lot of soft Wen, just stand on our own point of view to write articles, and ignore the text finally face the user, rather than their own, to see their own soft.

second: through the soft

by light blog

now the network most of the website is to rely on search engine traffic. Most of the time because the search engine ranking algorithm of time varying, thus leading to the site’s ranking high low, high time to first low, even when the rankings are not. Whether you believe it or not, the author mainly study how to cross the search engine to bring traffic to the site, in fact there are still a lot of, take soft it, soft Wen promotion methods is more popular nowadays, traffic is also the manufacturing method and improve the volume method. If your writing is good, so this method is worth using, can no longer see the search engine’s promotion, then crossed the search engine which can give the website manufacture flow? Today share three, it will continue to:

boom, light blog came up over the. In fact, micro-blog is combined with light blog and blog, through the two friendly together to achieve a two station function. Now with more and more users light blog, but because the light blog users are relatively loyal. Because ordinary micro-blog does not realize the article in micro-blog, and the light blog can do so, this is the fundamental reason for its popularity. The light blog can make a web site face-to-face communication with users, so you can make more users understand their own website, because itself is like a guide, through introduce their own website function is practical and simple to operate, it can make the user more loyalty, rather than rely on search engine search keywords into web site many users, through the search engine into the site is a one-off, sometimes may be driven by interest, sometimes may have the wrong point, sometimes vague memory, so that it is difficult for users to turn into loyal users. Since it is a one-time, so that users of the site is not what, so another clever size, to create more loyal users to the site, so that you may not come through the search engine traffic.

Micro-blog The first kind of

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