With the hot news events to improve website traffic and visibility

IP and PV growth: grasp the opportunity, again after the event as soon as possible in the website articles, and provide some information that users want to know, usually bring the flow than before you turn on several times. Note that the content layout is secondary, the key is to make information first, which can attract click.


by hot news, for the benefits of the website:

The so-called

brings the test effect is obvious to people, "CSDN user account password database leaked" this article is about the amount of reading other articles, also took the opportunity to promote my website, let more people see, no matter their impression is good is bad, always reach the set I test the goal. But also encountered many problems, some are themselves, also got the help of friends. A summary of the hot news to enhance the advantages and disadvantages of web traffic, for those eager to catch the hot events aboard the high iron and dare not step left friends, provide some examples.

Nian Bin some time ago to do an experiment, is using database leak to complete CSDN. That afternoon the Internet broke CSDN database leaked, many websites are available for download. About 7 pm, I will finish the whole event, with the official statement, personal comments, published on the website together. There are nearly 700 people reading in the evening, IP about more than 600, is about 20 times of a few days ago. On the second day event to start a large-scale exposure. More and more people know the password leak, to Google and big news site to read. But on the second day there are nearly 400 people read the article, following a few days IP also tends to be stable, but PV still very high. Through this event, many people know this new sites, click the page to read other articles.

hot events, are of concern to everyone, very concerned about the incident. Either and their connections, such as the account security, the Ministry of Railways online ticketing; or is associated with their own interests, you are in the Shanghai dragon, so YAHOO search outsourcing news will trigger you and other Shanghai dragon click. Similarly, put on some hot events reports and comments on your website, the premise is not long after the incident, has not yet spread to a wide range of events, is a strong timeliness of news. If your website visibility can also, so you can sit at the effect; if your site is less than half of the new sites, or that awareness is not enough, the only single digit IP every day. Then you need to each big famous BBS to release your hot news of this message, and leave your links. Then you see the website to know the effect of data.

website: if your site has done a few years, and the content is high quality of the original, then pass.


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