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      as of 17 o’clock yesterday, a total of 40 people participated in the investigation, of which 16 candidates A, 17 candidates B, 7 candidates C.
representative opinion:
      3090041: I have no Internet shopping. Online shopping cheated the lack of reliability, the case is innumerable, "

2016 is the year of short video, including two aspects:

content is the survival of the major short video platform. Short video platform, but short video after 2015-2016 rapid growth, the industry continues to shuffle, the growth of users, the entire industry is also changing, originality in the entire short video industry, the importance of increasingly prominent. In the demographic dividend disappeared, the overall flow of the market is basically stable, the major platforms in the development and retention of high-quality UGC behind, in order to retain users and traffic. With the growth of users and changes in the environment, the ability to develop original content and gameplay has become a lifeline for user retention, UGC development and platform survival.

      on the topic: do you have the experience of online shopping, if any, have cheated?
      A. did not shop online; B. online shopping, never cheated; C. had online shopping cheated experience.

, but today’s headlines are increasingly aware of the limitations. It is said that Zhang Yiming, the headline owner, flew to the United States during the Spring Festival in 2016 and went to talk with the big MCN web red platform in America

behind the two seemingly coincidental events, the competition for short video platforms has moved from capital competition to content, traffic, commercial and overall competition, and this state of affairs will become more and more intense this year. In the short video collection, billions of dollars level small giant headlines today, a second tier city user has billions of dollars of beauty shoot short video community, three or four lines of urban youth club is a typical representative of the platform quickly.

‘s headlines today are dominated by machine algorithms and trapped by machine algorithms. Headlines from the birth of the copyright issues, because of the content is full of controversy. Scissors, porters, piracy, etc. these became headlines, so far, can not get rid of the label. The original author’s value is undervalued and weighed down.

has been shopping online, cheated

newspaper news correspondent Lu Jianfu with the popularity of computer and Internet banking to the opening of the online shopping is very popular, Jinhua also has a lot of online sellers and buyers. According to my recent years online shopping sales experience, want to tell you some of the necessary prevention technology. Because I was a victim too.

      and in the choice of the time of payment, try not to make money in the bank account designated by the seller. You did not understand each other, most of the money back into the. At the same time, do not be deceived by the reputation of the other surface phenomenon, because in the network, credibility can be artificially operated, there is a certain deception.

      two, do not shop on sites you don’t know. Even though the price is very low, the price tag is often meant to attract buyers to get ripped off.

     ; when you make payment, select the transaction method specified by the website. At present, in some famous trading sites, such as Alipay, have caifutong and three party payment that is, in the transaction process, the money transferred to the website by the buyer, upon the buyer received the goods and the seller after confirmation by the buyer notify the site the money transferred to the seller, which can maximize the ensure that the interests of both parties, from the source to prevent cheat money happen.

      four; do not pay for money purchased on a strange computer; prevent personal information from being stolen and cause unnecessary loss.


just past mid May, the first to King MC Tianyou, headlines today’s video from a small volcano – reportedly poaching, transfer fee of up to 20 million, but left there a large number of small red net. Only a day later, unfamiliar street first anchor cold, on micro-blog announced the departure of unfamiliar street platform.

two is breaking out of short video content creators: veteran with Papi sauce, MC as the representative of a number of super Tianyou network continued popularity, although red, click Papi data on the decline, but still favored by advertisers welcome; new shadow rating short video blind to see what, Onokazu, the son of the king, the office of dense chowhound Xiao Man, the rapid rise; and some old video content producers, such as the original advertisement, the crew also began to have a short video to the direction of transformation, folk custom, delicacy and other programs to do.

is a short video platform explosion: including the head video platform of the original force, for example, in 2017, the United States took the forefront hand; emerging platforms continue to emerge, as represented by the Facue video for the rapid rise of the traditional platform; continuous differentiation and development, such as today’s headlines, Daily Express short video and layout of Tencent to increase the force;

grab people behind the original content of the competition,

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