n second the site was down the right experience


as shown below:


first, in a relatively short content, a keyword appears 3 times or more than 3 times, the 3 of the same anchor text pointing to the same link.

Figure 2

chain refers to the Sina blog link in the chain refers to the internal links. I carefully observed the stand inside and outside the chain. Before the update, I think there are two places are suspected of excessive optimization. These two places are:

I began to analyze

Figure 1 The

today, why would be down right? I think, I use the white hat Shanghai dragon, there is no reason to be down right. Search engine, web server, robots settings problem, question and so on, these are all excluded. Finally I was the site of the problem found in domain, after careful analysis, the site was down the right I already know the reason: excessive optimization.

I said before I take a white hat Shanghai dragon, how will the excessive optimization? Here to give you a statement, I am in charge of the station before the other Shanghai dragon Er is responsible for that page over these optimization are the man as before.

second, in a relatively short content, anchor text appears too much more, up to 7, 8 of the most.

site is down right is what happened yesterday, so I write down this experience right down for the first time experience, the website is K experience, have time to write. Why write this article, mainly want to share from the site down right learned Shanghai dragon. Because I think this is the practice of the knowledge is the most precious.

first, in the chain.

this is my summary of the web site is down right. What is the real reason, there continue to be observed, to verify. These are optimized >

second, outside the chain.

site is down right is excessive optimization, specifically refers to where there are two aspects?.

first said that the site is down right after the drop right is yesterday afternoon, originally the site included one hundred and seventy records, yesterday afternoon at site, suddenly found that only 4 records, to site PM, only the home page, until the time I write this article the love of Shanghai is still only included the home page. Because the home is still, I checked the target keywords about the site, ranking did not fall, is still alive. I estimate, the punishment has ended, the method of punishment is to delete the site in addition to all other home page.


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