Five aspects of the research meaning of keyword

third, effective flow: do your traffic is not the purpose of the table, the flow for customers is the purpose, so the choice of keywords to effective flow instead of mass flow. Even if you work hard the popular keywords to the front, also do not have the high conversion rate, also will waste a lot of manpower. Such as "lawyer" as a keyword is not appropriate, the intention of the word you can’t judge the user search. The choice of keywords as "Shanghai lawyer" or "Shanghai criminal lawyer" will be better, such word search users into the possibility of customers will be greatly improved.

The diversity of

fourth, the search: search words often all kinds of customers, a lot of is that we can’t imagine. Now a lot of users to search the general brief word may not find it, slowly started to use more specific words or even longer sentence to search, and the proportion is improved, so in terms of user intention and commercial value, more specifically, the longer term is very meaningful. Webmaster friends in the choice of the core keywords should also pay attention to the user’s search diversity.

first, the core keywords flow: the core keywords of each site must ensure that people search. The core of the web site keywords cannot think the key words most probably it did not actually happen, may not really have traffic flow, or even if the flow is unlikely to do up the rankings. Often see a lot of sites to name the company as the core keywords, when your company does not have the brand awareness, often no one search. Can not use common industry name do key words, such as "Shanghai dragon", although the love Shanghai index shows that the search every day thousands of times, but many webmaster is conducted in the Shanghai dragon ranking search, rather than the Shanghai dragon target customer service. So the core keywords choice must ensure that users search to a certain order of magnitude and a certain conversion rate.

second, optimize the difficulty: find a search volume keywords not to decide the goal in the most popular words, optimize the difficulty must be considered. Some key words such as "news", "lose weight", although there is a large amount of search, but for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual owners, want to have this kind of popular keywords ranking do up, if there is no strong resources and manpower support basic reality. So when the choice must ensure that the keyword search volume, but competition is not difficult.

fifth, looking for new opportunities: everyone’s thinking have limitations, we often put keyword selection for the most commonly used vocabulary daily. Shanghai >

the development of the Internet faster, many webmaster for the site faster, hard to do a website to find profit after a period of time, there is little or no profit to give up, one big reason is the key to select the error caused by the beginning, can not carefully study keywords and competitors to rush into a field, at last found farther away from their own goals and, so this article from the five aspects of the meaning of the words, hope that the webmaster understand importance of keywords on the site.

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