Shanghai Telecom DNS hijacking causes love to use exception


I only broadband users a common general China Telecom, recently found a strange phenomenon:


2, tn= is behind the love Shanghai alliance name.

just one afternoon in the past, finally he is drawn by Dongguan Telecom DNS hijacking! Has three characteristics: 1, hijacking time uncertain, it is difficult to trace with evidence; 2, very subtle, unnoticed, general search users are not aware of the problem; 3, DNS services have been hijacked many years of history (love Shanghai search "index.php? Tn=*_pg" will know what the situation), has no ability to get fully shows that the China Telecom background tube, great

there is a love of Shanghai, search for a keyword search results page, then click on the next page will automatically jump to the picture above the

enter the URL in the browser to open love Shanghai, love Shanghai home, sometimes jump directly to another "home", with the tail. /index.php tn=92032023_5_pg

the last straw, so I passed the 360 security center forum, removed links to Beijing Qihoo anti-virus Department classmates, let him help you see the computer exactly what the problem

A lot of

but in recent days jump too frequent, serious impact on the use of time I enter search keywords, keywords will be lost to jump to love Shanghai home, and then re-enter! As I search for "Dongguan week" to jump directly to the Shanghai love home, I have to input, down a few times, I feel very angry.

1, why URL "index.php? Tn="

started what all don’t understand, that is computer poisoning, Saul again use Avira antivirus 360 and found no problem, what. Then, I will continue to use the matter.

Here again:

actually, it is a way of love of Shanghai alliance cooperation with the Internet, as long as the Internet Internet cafe administrator computer are set to this love Shanghai home (often go to the Internet cafe users can pay attention to), love Shanghai users with such home search click on the link to love the sea promotion, Internet cafes can earn. Certain into.

! ! page too sick!

I heard such a result, did not feel any surprise! Because I listen to many, not surprised, but can not accept amazing happened to me.


360 of the students use "illegal software.Exe" to conduct a comprehensive inspection to see whether a computer, see the chicken, registry, startup items and other issues, did not happen.

Telecom internal game player more cunning, for business cooperation, the user name is set to well-known antivirus software, web site, "

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