Besides the difference between love and noble Shanghai Shanghai dragon baby Google ranking chain art

is very busy recently, so write something less time, but some time ago because the site often isn’t open, resulting in Nanjing Shanghai dragon, Nanjing website optimization Shanghai love right down. Is really sorry, because I also have a lot of things to deal with. So today to write you a love of Shanghai and Google rank difference (chain article). The reason for this is because of differences in Shanghai and write love baby is more noble, today speak some chain differences.

actually read the above case, I believe you also know, sex and nobility > Shanghai


many people are very concerned about the love of Shanghai and noble baby ranking differences. Because love to see a lot of Shanghai station ranking, but the nobility or aristocracy no baby, baby rankings, Shanghai ranked no love, do not know why. In fact, the first love Shanghai, Shanghai ranked more attention to strategy. You can be a small amount of the chain, or not what can be the chain up a ranking, but if the chain anchor text you are not accurate can also do ranking.

see from the chart in Polk City Shanghai ranked second strong love. This word is very competitive.

give you a case: chess game

summary: to make love Shanghai ranking alone outside the chain of the anchor text is accurate, the number of the chain is not enough, love Shanghai more difficult than the noble love baby, Shanghai is in need of strategy, noble baby as long as you have enough resources to do it, do not need to what many a good strategy, so a lot of Shanghai dragon baby is easy to do because the nobles said almost every Shanghai dragon knows how to set up the chain, and most people only know to set up the chain, others do not know, so they say Shanghai is difficult to do.


can be seen from this figure in his aristocratic rank, good baby.


from this figure can be seen in his chain of the anchor text almost did not appear the word chess game. That is not very accurate, of course his ranking is not discussed today.


you to the noble baby search, you will find that his ranking is not very good, in the 2 page. But a lot of people will say, is noble baby I do Website Ranking Ranking Ranking is not good, love Shanghai. If you can get the difference to understand love Shanghai and noble baby, You’ll see. do. Under the following noble baby. You can go to the analysis of noble baby chess game first search.

can see from this figure in his chain anchor text accurately.

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