How many thousands of rebate network ranked outside the rebate network station

at present, we are faced with many difficulties, but I believe that love Shanghai as a formal company, they must be according to the doings, we do not blame love Shanghai, we need to work on my own, I will use the enthusiasm and efforts to become.

this morning, I love Shanghai through the search engine Taobao search sale four words found Taobao many sites all love Shanghai top search engine, combined with the recent adjustment of Shanghai love, don’t love Shanghai and Taobao cooperation? Also in the last week of a rebate website I from the love Shanghai engine sixth to now thousands, and every day I still as in the past attention these keywords information, and the results made me some downhearted.

1, in the face of the recent personal website increased competition situation, we can consider changing your web site keywords, so I suggest that you can according to their own website type to change, such as previous sell clothing website, then you can change the keywords, to suit specific, I have a friend to do is dress sales site, it will be the word before the Taobao women to dress shopping guide, although income is not much, but very stable.

you can see the top three are related to Taobao search column, today is 12, which is the result of yesterday July 11th search engines display are not so, before personal website all vanished in the face of this situation, how should we do? Face to talk about my personal view:

4, use love Shanghai complaint or contact the customer service description, but many webmaster site in the process of the operation of the site are not what the black hat tactics, regular website in this adjustment has been affected, in the face of this situation of this kind of webmaster can try to use the love Shanghai snapshot or contact customer service mode contact if you are not regular practices do website, or don’t use this method.

3, the establishment of a new website, in its website under the premise of not changing, we can only give appropriate, now I have to set up a new idea of the site, when I was chatting with many webmasters also understand that most owners have to establish a new idea of the site in the face of the recent Shanghai crazy love when I prepared to wait 1 to 2 weeks, if the site is not restored if only the establishment of a new website.

2, Taobao’s strong face, we can change some of the station approach, establish boutique shopping guide website, I do is a rebate related website, I think we can do a little high quality website, love Shanghai is not in the adjustment of the algorithm? Then we will count on him, what we need to what, not many rebate website no special article publishing channel? Then we can set up a post column for my website to do this on a change, I am currently still trying in website.


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