Single page station analysis two what issues need to be addressed

single page optimization program:

single page program to solve the problem:

single page guest program optimization with our other website optimization is similar. Or that sentence "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Or the executive, but the details of that, firstly, many owners in order to make the page look a high degree of trust, simply put the content of the website with CSS hide content only to the search engines to see, but it belongs to cheating, the worst case may lead to drop right oh. So not to short-term interest risk. But we can recommend it when the single page and website real procedures between the distance to allow customers to access only to see the product page, while the middle part is blank this is a very good solution to the problem of trust. But before I see how the optimal structure of reference articles published (analysis of single page optimization (a) above) are described.

now love Shanghai search "the best whitening products, " " " essential oils; like the word, and then a little over and found most or single page Taobao programme. The single page is Amoy owners of all ages. Below we briefly talk about the single page station;

single page program:

is now a single page station would be directly modified off the shelf "zblog, WordPress, dedecms, phpwind to make itself, these procedures are considered relatively mature open source program, the program itself slightly revised and met the Shanghai dragon well optimized structure. It is easy to do some natural rankings. A single page station most of the direct program page nested framework, because of the easy operation and basically all the sites can be made in the form of a single page. As long as the site is nested inside the framework code then calls the preset single page is to complete the.

Analysis of



finally: whether do guest or other types of station, pay with the harvest is always proportional to, choose a good type of going to perform hard, there will be harvest. To test the length of time only. This article by back Tesco (www.fyigou贵族宝贝) original webmaster >

single page program is not to say that the site is only one page. But how can better solve the consultation or the direct product of the display to the customer, that is when customers visit my door website directly to the information or products more vivid display in front of customers, most of all single page are based on the products list, product category, beautiful style as a single page. In order to improve the conversion rate. Our friends love online shopping before you buy something in Shanghai for product related information, price, brand, evaluation and so on, to buy the product, as long as the website accessed by customers, customers see conversion or product comparison interface so good how much will the heart will improve sales or purchase rate guide.

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