The analysis of the four causes of the influence of search engine website content

two: website space

web content is a key, on his website, the repeatability is too high, can not be collected; the article, not to; tools pseudo original articles, not to; I think the premise is the content of the website is a quality and related content, the content of high quality the maintenance free is not easy, but it’s worth it; the content of the website between repeatability is too high, will also be love Shanghai cancel the index, the content inside the sandbox, which included his fell again.

recently included web content is not ideal, a simple analysis of the reasons for submitting a report to their superiors, the report, also do a writing, write some believe affect the search engine website content, website content after all, the delay will not be included, so here is certainly a reason.

three: website content quality

content of this one, in fact there is little, but improve their own original, love Shanghai for the content of judgment is that there is no value, the value of the scent, one hand is voting, comments, interaction, and so on the form, if you can in your site content into the code. That can greatly improve their website attraction, let love Shanghai to see my article is a comment, is valuable, not just published an article in the community, more and more widely today, believe a commentary also.

: domain name weight

on our website, site data, always see far small website data itself, there is a situation that is causing this phenomenon, I often say that the domain name domain name weight, weight is very important, occupy a very important position in Shanghai love ranking, so the domain name weight you down, be into the sandbox, so may have the following conditions, site the day included second days and then removed, or saw the spider climb, but site is not affected by the domain name, these are, I believe that these contents have been love Shanghai included, just haven’t put out, so you should do is to maintain their own domain name weight, don’t cheat, affect the domain name in Shanghai love heart image. This is the first point, the domain name included the influence of weight.


remember the last time I was a friend of the space is not stable, the second day, the love of Shanghai included greatly reduced, site basically became 0, love Shanghai has a mechanism called into the index, without the release of their own included, do not participate in the competition, if the space is not stable, it is easy to cause yourself in the love of Shanghai’s image, site data and space is closely linked, a stable space, can let love Shanghai direct repetitive access to your website and web pages, after all, as long as love Shanghai you included the content, are will continue to visit, to see if there is a new change, stable! The space must be maintained.

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