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some time ago I wrote an article in the A5: "Shanghai station network optimization site in the five dragon operation", it can be learned from the feedback information, this article does help to many webmaster how to operate the Shanghai dragon. In addition, there are some Adsense in consultation: how to use Shanghai dragon to do in the station optimization? We avail ourselves of this opportunity and we’ll go deeper exchanges: the core of Shanghai dragon station optimization. The next day again and you talk about the core station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. I hope you read this article, can really help you how to do in the station optimization.

2), how to insert the

1), improve the density of the

first of all, we should understand that is what we want to optimize the key word? Sure good keyword, but make sure you are to optimize these keywords with home? Or pages to optimize these keywords? Now we just study how to use the home page to optimize your keywords. Because the weight of the first page of the weight in the whole of the site is the highest. So, we have to optimize a keyword with the home page is the easiest and most ideal way. As for how to use the inside pages to optimize these words "I also wrote an article in the A5 Adsense nets:" how to go "keyword optimization with the original article, which said very clearly, not talking here, you can go and see, there will be some help. That is a good chance to reach the Daxian love to write the webmaster.


so, how to correctly and reasonably in the home you want to improve optimization keyword density?: each column in your web page, including page navigation keys, as long as proper typesetting and coherent sentences, it can insert you to optimize the key word. I think we do keyword layout is reasonable, compared with the keyword optimization ranking requirements. Because, I am now using the home page optimization "online dating" this keyword, only more than 10 days, the key is in the love of Shanghai first and second pages around (you can check to love Shanghai), believe not long, there will be better results!

if we choose to use to optimize the key words in the home page, so you must improve your web page to optimize the keyword density, the keyword density data, we proposed to the webmaster nets to refer to, is generally less than 2%, the density is less than 8%, if the home page keyword density is too small, the keyword the weight is relatively low, which is not conducive to do optimization, keyword ranking up difficult. But, if the keyword density is too large will lead to a search engine that we cheat in which we must pay attention to.

two update drive

The layout of keyword

update drive is the role of the website constantly changes and update ceaselessly, this is very important in Shanghai Dragon technology, a website needs to have kept turning the vitality, constantly need more.

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