Share grassroots webmaster how to let users linger

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is given and the characteristic, it is to make your website profitable, allowing users to obtain meaningful things from it, in fact, no not early, few users will no purpose to your site visit to Lu Songsongbo guest to learn the latest industry knowledge, to is not stranger to obtain the latest shopping information, rebate network is to let you spend the least money to buy the most favorite products. In short, we want to make their sites become valuable, there are things away. Thus, in my case, we mainly from three aspects, first.

long term effective and novel content

make their sites "profitable"

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on site management, different owners have different views, some owners will be based on local forums of word-of-mouth marketing, some owners will be based on social media for their extensive drainage, some owners will expand business and strive to maximize profits, in short, all business practices are varied, but in behind the diversification of business practices, is the webmaster about lowering the unified thinking of website jump out rate, because the profit, brand and development are based on strong user experience, if people visit your site, not 3 seconds off, then all the requirements of the development and where to start? But we should how to reduce the rate of jump out your site’s

about the characteristics, I suggest that you can put your website active attractions displayed on the home page, such as the latest shopping information, such as hot news, such as novel website optimization method, this is the first hurdle we retain users, this, the user is the key to catch the eye.

here, features can be understood as the theme of the site and attraction. On the theme of the site, I think everyone should know how to do, is to let visitors know the correlation of the content of our website in the shortest time. You are doing IT blog, you will be in the site directory with "network marketing", "search" label, you do rebate website, then the page must be dissatisfied with the shopping information, we will be content to show their correlation.

if you are a shopping nature of the site navigation, you also need to pay attention to the construction of the content, because users retain, does not only depend on the picture of the credit, and we also know too much the number of pictures will delay the opening time of the website, so the content construction must take off. When it comes to the A5 study, A5 as a well-known webmaster website, every day there are many webmasters to access it directly to them, is to learn, to see other friends to write the article, compared to the A5 material module download, mission area and exchange area and so on, it is the supply of the website is the most attractive place. So stationmaster net sets us a good example, that is to use the article to attract users, with features led to the development of.


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