Website optimization correlation can not be ignored

B, to find the chain stood competition. This method is the fastest, and the best, both to ensure the relevance, but also shorten the time for friends of the chain. I find the method is not introduced, we comprehend their own

a lot of people in the chain forum, but most are not related to the forum, the forum outside the chain weight relative to this is not very good, from the perspective of correlation. Because of this the chain can seldom bring traffic and customer to us, thus causing the work time and energy cost of waste, >

website content must and the theme of the site, the key point is to highlight key. This allows to make the keywords ranking rise. Then when the forum and blog post, I left the anchor text must be with the keyword link, write in the soft can at the end add relevant word website on his website. Especially by ADMIN5 CHINAZ, this authoritative website included. Will bring the chain can not count. It will be beneficial in the long term. Concrete from three aspects to consider. One is the title of the article must contain keywords, at least if the long tail keywords in the text do not contain the keyword, the best of each paragraph are.


a, a chain exchange platform. We all know that there are a lot of friends of the chain exchange site, every day we go to a few, the effect is not really so good? I believe it’s like aimless cast, is not good enough, we should be targeted to do, such as adding some chain exchange group, specifically for an industry this group will find more relevant to the friends of the chain.

The correlation between


link, from the two aspects of a chain and the chain said.

we do website optimization when most of the time to put the chain on the content and. Because the "content is king, link for emperor". Thus the content and the chain plays an important role in the site optimization, however when the content and links to the site we should pay more attention to what it is. Is the correlation we write the content and the link with our website. Is the only thing can up correlation between the expected effect.


A, friends of the chain.

B, the chain.

chain is Links. The important influence of a chain on the website of the association. And their related web sites to exchange Links, users see related websites are likely to see your website will look in the inertia when he visited the site. So do Links when considering the weight, the snapshot time also should be concerned about the correlation. Although I have been to the website Links less attention, but the correlation between attention, whether it is the station chain or just home page, we can use the correlation of this point to our website to improve the keyword density, in addition to obtaining the vote trust in more related website is very good evaluation. Do friends chain need to do:

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