Website optimization six step two months new direct love Shanghai home

. I want to write original content. At the same time on their website and many visitors interact. Increase friendly degrees of them on my website. Let them love to browse my website. There are many published, so that visitors every time, you will see a new content. So you can rely on old friends to drive to promote new friends visit. In doing this, every day will often go to check their Links have four chain. Check your page have not open now >

the fourth step outside the station optimization. I have now built 7 blog. I can not guarantee that every blog to write content. But I always write my own, I have to go to a blog published a written. Because only the high weight blog recommended easy to love Shanghai included. I will insist on writing a blog, a blog. And now I found my blog every day some people will go to visit. This is a great encouragement to me. Today it seems a blog 200 people visit, was pleased bad. Oh! At the same time every day to change the weight of the high Links and others,

The optimization had two months of Dongguan website construction website

first, I made the choice of keywords, website keywords I choose is "Dongguan website construction, enterprise website construction, Dongguan site construction company" these 3 words as the main keywords of my site. Why use these words to the site of the key words, because these words are about the daily flow in about 500 to 1000. Although it is not very difficult, but I am going to the long term strategy. The long tail word conversion rate is very high, the competition is not fierce, I have more confidence. So I think in the future there will be more and more people know Shanghai dragon and website promotion. Then I’ll do the layout of the keywords is very necessary, then the strategy of the long tail word of my success, the ranking of the site should be firmly on the front page.

analysis in the official website of the title page, I also use the long tail keywords as the title of the page. These words mean every word of love Shanghai index at around 100, a total of 18 long tail word I chose. So the long tail word can bring me the traffic should be very large. So if I practice it, I’m absolutely confident.

is the third step in the station optimization. The first site structure must be a tree. This is advantageous to the spider crawling. So I must do a good job title on each page. To each page when your home page to optimize. At the same time must ensure that is original in the content of the page. Try not to pseudo original. Then do some links.

is the second step, I assessed the degree of competition in these words. I analyzed, the current love Shanghai index these words are still can. But the overall competition degree is not very high.

, the current Dongguan website official website has multiple keywords to love Shanghai home, how do I do it?

Then the The fifth step is to maintain

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