Some views on love Shanghai platform for new entrance complaints

: the first love Shanghai fire complaints entrance really useful?


second: love Shanghai by mail feedback

This complaint

through this algorithm to update the incident, believe that many webmaster see a thing, that is dependent on search engine after love Shanghai’s chances of survival will be less and less, update and love Shanghai algorithm has a mistake will be able to take a few young.



a few days ago the outbreak of the "love Shanghai stationmaster and bidding wars" also caused no small controversy, but for the love of Shanghai is estimated by small effects, and most of the participants in this fight is webmaster is harming the algorithm update errors, they have only one purpose is to hope to let them love Shanghai the site returned to normal, and the love of Shanghai in July 20th the opening of the "friendly fire just to deal with the complaints of entrance" battle strategy? Or to appease the webmaster impetuous heart? All these are still waiting to see.


fourth: webmaster how to deal with the incident


is also the love of Shanghai from one update algorithm, the official release of Shanghai love "friendly fire, after the entrance of complaints" can’t wait to submit their website after being injured, but a piece of mail, etc. is to have no follow-up, every day was observed from web data changes. One day, two days, three days of waiting is still no change, I feel a little flicker of feeling.

third: love Shanghai entrance is harming complaint strategies

love Shanghai this algorithm is regarded as a "failure", the purpose of updating is to purify the Internet garbage information, the results of the regular website, many of the original content sites are deeply hurt, the light may be just down right or delete snapshots, harming the heavier is the direct pull hair love, Shanghai is only in the official platform issued a so-called "friendly fire complaints entrance" this really can really solve the problem?

love Shanghai’s new entrance can really play a role? This algorithm updates the error estimate at least to hundreds of thousands of websites being injured, even excluding thirty percent websites not to complain, but also the remaining seventy percent of the website, every day is to complain website to reach twenty thousand, twenty thousand. The site in the day time love Shanghai really harming the auditor? Standing personal point of view, the estimation of the audit is just a small part of the remaining one most likely will be ignored, so people feel in love with the sea opened fire complaints is not really help what entrance.


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