See the love Shanghai PPC results with Shanghai dragon eyes

look at a meter love Shanghai auction results, from the content point of view, than the above situation is slightly better, but still not up to the requirements. In second the red box, if the header information and concise, the effect will be better. Already mentioned brands, prices are also described, these are the hotline. If it is good enough, the user will click on the estimation, direct call to consult, so the best marketing effect.

love Shanghai as the first major search engine platform, in addition to by natural ranking accurate search marketing, but also on the bidding advertising, to seize the traffic. Although the two approach the goal is the same, but from the perspective of Shanghai dragon is the same. However, many enterprises think as long as put most probably it did not actually happen for advertising, there will be traffic, so as to drive sales. The result is really like


through the above two pictures, we can find out what problems? In the bidding is set according to the basic requirements of Shanghai dragon to do the title, description, not only according to the specification of Shanghai Longfeng write, but also the marketing elements into account, do not waste every word, these are all shining white silver. The author did a short time for setting, at that time did not grasp the core essentials, the flow of every day to a few, the conversion rate is very low, the real reason is not reasonable.

auction results a total of 8, in these results, ranking only with the keywords air flow meter, without any information and sales related, such as brand and characteristics etc.. In this writing results, can only pick out two red box, click also have effect, others are not to estimate the user clicks, also said such a set is a failure. Although there are two results are worth clicking, but it is not the best.

How can the

in the search engine click behavior basically is to find the answer, no matter what type of problem, the love and the position of Shanghai is inseparable. If you find the answer, we will give the most accurate results of the group, allowing users to see can correspond to psychological expectations. The general search product is to understand the product brand, "

with the current network knowledge is becoming more and more popular, more and more people understand the love of Shanghai, continue to learn, to make up for his lack of. For users, if there is approximately the same as the content of search results, what will he do? Don’t say that they can not distinguish between the advertising and natural search results, only the content, they may be blind. For example, a buyer to purchase a number of units of the air flow meter, should first understand the situation through the network, love Shanghai search for air flow meter, there results are as follows.


meet user psychological

in Shanghai Longfeng point let love Shanghai more competitive bidding ranking

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