Shanghai Longfeng stable ranking the most effective way to fine tune

stable keywords ranking this point involves a page quality problem, if long time no changes in the content page, the page quality will decline. This is a long time to have updated the site will gradually exit the search engine, in fact every page of your web site (the home page and column page channel page content page) is the same reason. Many people know the site need to be renewed every day in order to maintain the normal site included and update (general update is the home page and column page / channel page, but ignore the content of the page). In fact, every page and page this page also need to be updated constantly, this update is fine.

two, why should the role of fine-tuning fine-tuning?

to others? Lead:

a lot of Shanghai dragon ER have encountered such a situation: the website ranking and down, the ranking is not stable, the ranking is up today, over a period of time down. Some people in order to make the ranking of keywords in 20 in Shanghai first love’s ranking also to add some click on the group, but the ranking is still unstable, what reason? Love Shanghai love Shanghai artificial ventilation?? the chain quantity is not enough? I didn’t

stable keywords ranking

tuning refers to partial change adjustments to already exist for a long time and the content of the page no change (including: modify and adjust the text, pictures and visual elements)

website right down


everyone knows love Shanghai statistical tools: 贵族宝贝tongji.baidu贵族宝贝 has a function called thermodynamic diagram, we see the love Shanghai thermodynamic diagram. With the above color mark of parts of the site click rate, of course, the red color represents more hits. We can through our website on thermodynamic diagram to adjust.

a lot of problems in Shanghai Longfeng ER encountered above always to discuss some questions on a push, some go to a few QQ group to ask questions, discuss with each other. The results are "user experience" and "high quality chain" and "high quality", "internal optimization", it is these problems, but these problems a few words over, how to improve? Li Xuepeng today and everyone to talk about the problems of micro website ranking.

stable keywords ranking:

To solve the problem of

, what is the site of the fine-tuning of


said the rate of this transformation website and say the user experience, user needs analysis, this involves statistical problems. According to the website data in every period of the site to adjust to improve the site conversion rate.

improve the site conversion rate of

improve the site conversion rate:


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