The content and optimization which one do you prefer



search engine appears the reason

content of the website and the website optimization, you will tend to love which one? The Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, there are people in the site now rely on high-quality content to survive. But as long as do some optimization of Shanghai dragon er must be done on the line, if you always love Shanghai in the drilling space, or that he is always looking for love in Shanghai loopholes, excessive optimization, website ranking is not stable in a certain position, and the optimization have not appeared too well that’s not a good website optimization it has ranked.

back to the beginning of the Internet, many Internet users to find information on the Internet, but also because they do not know which website to go to find what they need, but even if that is so, do not remember so much. And, in order to meet the needs of the users, like web site navigation website and search engine for a class there, the initial destination search engine is to help users solve the problem, such as love for Shanghai, how is the "love Shanghai, you know, it is obvious to help users solve problems. The answer is what we call the content of the website, can it be love Shanghai for their own products, like that Wikipedia content, can also be a kind of "content from other sites, and the search engine ranking is in accordance with what can quickly solve the problem of users, or users to vote on which answer to the rankings, this can be said to be a search engine ranking factors, is what we call the user experience. Of course, Shanghai dragon ER all know, want to do up top, you get from your website like title decription, the head of great efforts and key links layout, optimization, but if you do these, more important is the content of your website. A web page in the weight of title is the highest, so title written in the search rankings plays a big role.

in recent days, many in Shanghai Longfeng Er mentioned, do stand now depends on the content, excessive optimization will be K, the website ranking in front, how didn’t optimization, because it really is his website content?

content and optimization, which is important to



talking about this problem, many people will say, two are very important. Yes, but you really understand "this four word content and optimization" mean? For the content, the owners also have original, collection, also have webmaster for their own sake, also have webmaster first love Shanghai, see if you can find a similar. There are others, no matter what you do, we should have a little to know is, what you do is the destination station? Is for the user to solve the problem? This problem, we really should think a webmaster >

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