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1, "this is our strategy: started when Shanghai dragon search on the Internet often see: keyword optimization, website reconstruction, Meta tag optimization, Heading Tag Optimization and image Alt and so on related knowledge, the main purpose is to enhance the search engine friendliness and user experience, not here to do explain, you >

Objective: because in Dongguan, deeply felt, the local Shanghai dragon consciousness and is not too high; when the company came to consult me the key problems, can not help but complain that spent thousands of dollars each month please the Shanghai dragon Er looks every day seems to be too busy to write soft optimization actually, nothing worked. I understand, I just go in from the ranks of Shanghai dragon until now, have seen some learn some skills to interview enterprises Shanghai Longfeng Er post, sound knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng closely reasoned and well argued, but the technology to describe them, you can search on the web to a murky sky over a dark earth. As a Shanghai dragon Er, indeed, I think early technology is tall, but I found the time honed. For enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng, technology as the premise, marketing is the hard truth. Here you to publish your own opinion, to give you hope that you can do business in Shanghai dragon Er friend some help.

Shanghai dragon Er essence of  The essence of

what is marketing? From the enterprise marketing strategy, we can be divided into 6 categories: "strategy, product strategy, price strategy, promotion strategy, channel strategy, customer service strategy, the Shanghai dragon industry, we can separate the corresponding:" strategy, product strategy and channel strategy.

with the development of Shanghai dragon industry, from the chain to content marketing, Er has gradually been many Shanghai dragon industry situation into the writer; so many people will doubt the so-called "Shanghai dragon Er essence is the chain to write the soft Wen" here I want to express to you a denial. A popular trend in the industry, it is very easy to make people misunderstand the corresponding position. Today is the mobile phone, apple occupies a dominant position, so the domestic mobile phone whenever a mobile phone manufacturer, will inevitably be out more. Yes, this is normal, because now do content marketing by most people to accept and use, but the effect is really very good, so the "chain" specialist "software writers" this two title will inevitably in the Shanghai dragon er. But in fact, these two factors cannot do without Shanghai, we often speak of thinking, not thinking, not thinking about what to put? What about writing, not thinking about what?? so, I want to transfer profits? Express to you is that the chain from previous to now soft, this is just the platform; and thinking, is the essence of Shanghai dragon Er, is Shanghai dragon Er weapons.

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