Five criteria for evaluating the quality of Links

Links quality judgment three, topic correlation problem

Links quality judgment two: time snapshot of

Links quality judgment four: the number of outbound links each other

Links is the construction site outside the chain of daily work, the focus is on website optimization. Owners need to have regular and other webmaster to do Links, usually will come and do Links Adsense initiative with us. But what kind of Links is high quality links, we should accept what kind of website Links? Allen Ji’nan training judge whether a site is a quality Links can be judged from the following five aspects:

Links quality judgment: included with the actual web page proportion

website snapshot time can be said to be a manifestation of a high and low weight website, the snapshot update frequency of updates with the website internal pages closely related. The snapshot time closer to the time of day for the better, for example, today is November 2, 2011, so the fastest time is November 2, 2011 snapshot. If your site is October 1, 2011, it is too slow, can not be considered basic.

Links rules, related topics and web link than not related to search engine recognition and score. Some people say that peer website is difficult to find, in fact, is not difficult to find, but will not find. The most direct way is in the search engine to find relevant keywords website, another way is to join the QQ group, inside the QQ search. If you really can not find the relevant, only the second. For example, we want to Shanghai dragon theme websites to do Links, preferred match type, such as the Shanghai dragon website for Shanghai Longfeng website Links; second is the theme of the Shanghai dragon website can also find network marketing theme website links; finally is extensive, Shanghai dragon website can be found in the IT industry site links.

the number of outbound links number is A simple understanding website links to other websites. The search engine’s score is probably like this: 100 points, such as the A website with 5 Guide >

contains the query using the site:xxx贵族宝贝 command directly in the search box can view, although this figure is not accurate, but can be used as reference. For example, you use the site command to see each other’s record is 10000, while only 2000 of your own, don’t happy immediately and other links. Do not think there is such a problem: how much is the total number of pages each other? The only criteria included query the other site is good or not is the total number of pages included: with the number of actual site search engine ratio. If the total number of pages each other is 100 thousand, 5000 is included, then included this site is very bad.

website One of the

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