2016 seven electronic commerce Shanghai Longfeng trend

to allow consumers to directly trade business platform, e-commerce platform can get more profit by Shanghai dragon. The platform can not only get more traffic and a large number of stable revenue stream can also be optimized by optimizing the specific product details page to funnel traffic eventually leads to the most profitable or popular page.

content can not be ignored

Long-form can provide more details of the products, more long tail and conversational (keywords can cover more relevant search words), and help in recent years, the increasingly fierce competition in the market accounted for.

, Shanghai Dragon (electricity and usually said) in iteration. New technology, new opportunities and new best practices will appear regularly, while those in the forefront of the business platform will seize these new opportunities in the first time, in order to maintain their competitive advantage. In this paper, Jayson DeMers will share the 7 serious trend of electronic business platform for Shanghai dragon.

and the development of these products is very attractive and practical, but at present, there is no solution can automatically optimize each website function. If you want to get good results in Shanghai Longfeng, part of Shanghai Longfeng site still need manual processing, such as site TDK, navigation, rich snippets etc..

1. Shanghai dragon best solution


/Jayson DeMers, compile the

with the iterative search engine update, Shanghai dragon also followed the development of Technology. The Shanghai dragon Technology is used to optimize the site and improve the optimization results of the third party website App, plug-ins and tools, the key lies in these tools as far as possible to save the investment in human capital.

note: the morning tea business platform for the optimization of Shanghai dragon, should be good at discovering and using the existing successful Shanghai Longfeng solutions, and for the basic structure of the site, such as TDK, rich code fragments, in the beginning of a platform, it must be well prepared in advance planning.


up to now, most of the electricity supplier platform product details page is still showing short-form content, namely a title, a brief description of a few photos, and some buyers evaluation. But according to the survey, the needs of users and the search engine preference has been transferred to the Long-form content of basic business opportunities.

in fact, some good solutions have appeared in the Shanghai dragon website template design industry. Through these Shanghai dragon plan, this kind of website in the line is only a few steps can be set to ensure optimization of its Web site after online. Shanghai dragon part WordPress plugin has automatic processing of a large number of sites, such as Yoast, Shanghai dragon.

2. Long-form

morning tea

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