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but the reporter contacted a appeared in the 360 search promotion bar site person in charge after that, it did not advertise in the 360 search, that these ads come from? 360 of Sales Department official explained that currently appear in the 360 search advertising promotion, in addition to advertisers directly on the outside, there is advertising is a natural search and drainage channels to through to some website promotion Keywords free advertising, "which is to attract customers to consider."

360 in the search advertising resources to wildly beating gongs and drums at the same time, also started in the country recruiting, improve its distributors. An official 360 search channel agency sources, the 360 search for agents qualification requirements are very strict. "500 thousand margin, a team of 150~200, which is the most basic requirements. Now in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places began to recruit agents, there have been several finalists."

recently, reporters in the 360 search for "mobile phone", "flowers", "training" keyword search and found that the results page on the left or right side of the top bar appeared in advertising. In addition to keyword advertising, 360 search also appeared "Amazon", "Gome online" brand promotion to the electricity supplier.


push dotting platform widely raised agents

is different from the past, the 360 search advertising model a lot of low-key. According to a 360 search insiders, 360 dotting marketing platform officially launched 360 search CPC early in late November of last year began (click billing) mode, the advertisers can officially advertise through this platform. "For small and medium enterprises tariff of 4600 yuan, including 4000 yuan for deposit, 600 yuan for account opening fee, 0.3 yuan minimum bid keywords." The person told the reporter said, the ranking is determined by advertisers to bid keywords level.

360 in addition to its own

360 has stressed that the desire to advertising their mode of taking a differentiated road. The 360 commercial search will not use current market bidding mode, in the search results page, 360 advertising content and clear distinction, and set a limit. In addition, due to the current medical market, we don’t have to judge the dragons and fishes jumbled together, medical advertising authenticity, so the 360 decided not to accept the search of medical advertisements."

after a long time before, the 360 search advertising model recently quietly on the line, and there is speculation that the cooperation with Google advertising model is different, they marketing platform owned by 360 to 360 also introduced the corresponding search advertising prices, but also the core Recruitment agents throughout the country, to start from the channels and resources 360 search Official Commercial business.

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