How do Wangzhuan network specification after webmasterThe secret of SF head high school degree cooli

7, joined Ali mother cat.

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6, League CPS.

he was infatuated with Buddhism, extreme sports like downhill violent;

Abstract: behind the well-known enterprises, there must be a well-known head of the company. But the logic doesn’t apply to the SF empire with 340 thousand employees. For the outside world, Wang Wei is low-key, mysterious and multifaceted. He was infatuated with Buddhism, extreme sports like downhill violent; he is only a high school education, has established the largest express Chinese kingdom.

however, this low-key to the extreme, but not low-key work.

used to be a consensus of the enterprise public relations department sought media people: SF public relations department is the most arrogant fool.

3, soft Wen promotion.

5, do product station or comprehensive station.

do a product station, and SEO combination, manual promotion and search engine promotion combination. Integrated station can be set up user communication area, more conducive to search engines.

he is unassuming, but the Hongkong paparazzi undercover for several months to see the true capacity.

bidding market is also standard, fake and shoddy products have been difficult to advertise in the formal bidding union. Therefore, we can not blindly study these products. Our products must also be regularized, from the formal channels to find their own products for sale.

but this logic doesn’t apply to the SF empire with 340 thousand employees.

for product writing, soft hair in the major communities publicity.

He has worked with

he has great personal achievements, but never wants to be in the spotlight……

we all know that the term "online shopping" is no longer new. It was only a matter of time before the initial approval was accepted. Under such a trend, we should study online sales. Network sales, that is, to sell products and earn difference from them. A variety of ways, generally summarize the kiss Xingmin:

himself, with $4 billion 200 million in net worth, landed in 2015

excuse me, have you ever seen a businessman who is so arrogant and down to earth,

domestic league linktech there are a lot of good products, these products are issued directly to businesses to spend money, to help others to sell products, profits are relatively rich.


he is only a high school education, started from the bottom of the factory coolie, has created the largest express China kingdom;

2, buy monthly ad sales.

of course, Wang Wei has so many curious things on his mind.

he doesn’t advertise, but everybody’s looking for him.

, the SF EXPRESS he founded, has 340 thousand employees, 16 thousand transport vehicles and more than 12260 outlets around the world.

he doesn’t plan to go public, but many PE and VC rush for $500 thousand just to have a dinner with his head.

is well known as the enterprise behind, there must be a well-known head.

in the network search to find the corresponding flow of the site, and Adsense to contact to buy monthly advertising, to their product page in other people’s station as advertising display, and produce sales, earn product price difference.


can be expressed by a common description of a media.

shop, everyone knows how to open, the product is good choice in their online publishing. The most recommended Taobao shop in kiss xingmin.

before the basic and relevant Wangzhuan cheating, as the network becomes more and more standardized, many appear in all sorts of bad phenomena, such as cheating and selling fake commodities will gradually over time be harmonious off. As these people we should timely adjust the direction of Wangzhuan, don’t, still in the study of cheating opportunistic projects, if these places still hovering in the network to estimate, it is hard to earn money. Internet standards, we all have to keep up with the pace, from the search for opportunities. Cheating can’t be done. There’s no market for garbage stations. What should we do?

SF staff said: the user is the God of Wang Wei, he has not the slightest ill treat, do not care about other people.


1, bidding sale.

he did not introduce strategic investment, but he made Citibank offer $10 million, the agency costs only for a cooperation opportunity.

4, open shop.

low-key to the soil,

how mysterious is Wang Wei?

joined the guest to help Taobao store in store promotion products price.

to the outside world, Wang Wei is low-key, mysterious and multi-faceted.

e-commerce to maintain distance, but his boss makes Ma two meet and known as the most admired people in the business and logistics of contradictions at present, but some of them said: give you three years 3 billion, you will not hit a new sf.

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