Grasp the details to enhance the site weight of love Shanghai

two, "layer", do the presentation layer is in fact our website has a good ranking, so that users can easily find us. This is a level included above, we further improve the results of weight accumulation, to achieve the performance level, so we should pay more attention to the "rich elements, such as the navigation bar at the bottom of the navigation, layout, picture display (ALT tag) and HTML markers in post content (including bold, italic, book book quotes and other special symbols, the use of CSS style specification), the readability (attention must be paid to ensure that the user experience is the premise), these will give us" get a high score; at the same time should also pay attention to some will be less or not by the elements, such as JS, a large number of calls by FLASH display, page ads more will bring negative influence to our page.

today Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng six come together and discuss how to grasp the details to enhance the site weight of love Shanghai, has been busy recently, but also a long time did not write the article, here on a regular blog friends say sorry. We should now love for Shanghai weight already has some understanding, is not simply some webmaster query tool website calls "BR", love Shanghai weight is a reflection of a keyword or website brand word ranking ability, but also can be said to be a search engine (like Shanghai) score mechanism.

three, click on the layer ", is the embodiment of our love Shanghai weight accumulates to a certain degree of keywords or web page have a good ranking, will naturally get more users click, and click is a ring of love Shanghai very important weight in ascension, a large number of clicks and visiting groups can make our ranking more and better," flow "will be higher, of course, want to do these, we can continue the website must meet the needs of users, the first.

, a "collection", is our website is search engine based recognition, not included all talk, to be included is not difficult, let us in the quality of the content to search engine included above standard under the premise, as much as possible "spider" visit, that will be a great chance included. "Collection" is the premise, is also one of the core factors of accumulation we love Shanghai weight, high quality content contains many meanings, such as the size of the audience, will directly reflect the core value of the content, size and influence of the site of the whole search engine is included after a score is the key ring score;

on the search engine ranking standard there are more than 200 kinds of factors, here is not to do what the general overview, we focus on some key details of the analysis, stabilize and gradually improve the effect of weight, in SEM, is divided into four steps, which are "in" layer "layer" "click" "conversion layer", analyzes the same weight, love Shanghai accumulation is divided into such several steps, "included" "ranking" "click" "old users".

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