The new algorithm love Shanghai forum signature and quiz chain weight decreased

rapidly, has entered the intense competition, many companies are under a lot of effort in the aspects of the user experience, of course, Shanghai is the same love, love also in Shanghai to further improve the level of experience for their users, while we have time in Shanghai called love is not kind, but a lot of things in the continuous development and progress, love Shanghai algorithm is also in constant adjustment, he will also bring a lot of changes to the website data, especially the number of chain change.

The chain is not high quality

high quality links include: soft, advertising, security links, buy blog, Links. (advertising words also can see, in general weight high website investment the effect is obvious.

The development of )

(Figure two): This is a forum to reply, outside the chain of a run to the final ranking.

can be seen from the above three phenomena:

today and we are pleased to share this article, Chinese search engine market is developing rapidly, love Shanghai unique search engine giant, search love Shanghai is constantly improved, so one of the reasons why a lot of people in Shanghai say the search engine recently unstable and so on.


(Figure 1): the first day of the chain is up to the top of the third day to the last row.



I made a lot of the chain in Shanghai dragon why forum, A5 forum and other high weight forum today, check number outside the chain of love Shanghai, signature and ask the number of the chain less. Before listening to the Shanghai Dragon said Er signature description text Forum and ask the chain is very good, these days I made a lot of the chain, especially the chain description text. For the chain, I not only made a description of the text but also made a lot of soft, through my summary, insert the chain is good soft, text signature would have spread, and a lot of the chain signature of many can not find.

(Figure three) this is 3 days after the results: the first is the highest ranked soft. And keep for a long time.

include: BBS signature, garbage Group reviews, SOSO quiz, collections, black chain. (usually through my understanding, feeling one hundred. High quality of the chain, in order to get on top of a very high quality of the chain, then compared, do the poor quality of the chain is not efficiency.

Shanghai (from the original black dragon fly fast 贵族宝贝 keep the link is a virtue


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