The sharing of experience how to restore the site home page is not the first phenomenon

snapshot in second, I was also nervous, anxious for a few days, why the snapshot is second, for Links brings a big problem to me, often listen to the station the friends say right down, I also explained: "this is not the right down, there is no effect, not with your friend or station for Links. So I just continue to do outside the chain, with a content update, do Links. When the number 19 on the encounter

Site home does not bring trouble on the first page, a time to exchange Links, will meet with you for Links. They say you stand down the right, for the site home page is not the first thought right down, I think too much, it has been recognized as one of the events, but I think that is not a phenomenon that right down, it is completely mistaken, so to say a website right down to see from the following aspects A5, before I write an article "how to face" should be in the face of site and domain is not the first home page, write down the right which related factors on the inside, so you can look at the relevant information, I hope to help the webmaster need favorable. How to restore the site home page is not the first to see examples of the phenomenon, I just took a stand (贵族宝贝tuofa66贵族宝贝, seborrheic alopecia) took less than two weeks. When the snapshot is the case of


to site home page is not the first encounter, this situation is not a few. Including me before bothering site home page is not the first. Especially the new owners, or learning new Shanghai dragon webmasters, will encounter such a situation, the situation is not calm, or the revision or optimization. Today we stand empty to share is how to recover the site home page is not the first phenomenon.

No. 18, No. 19 was actually up 40 articles included. This time I looked flustered! My server horse, fortunately discovered in time, but not by K station, resulting in November 22nd snapshot stays at No. 19. But the first snapshot has been restored.

station share: what have I done in these more than 10 days? Said how to restore the site in the first page. The four thing I do every day, the first thing is to adhere to the 20 forum outside the chain, every day a manuscript A5. The second thing the 3 articles updated daily, except Sunday. The third thing to find a Links. The fourth thing is every day to check whether the server is stable. This is the first method in restoring site home, especially in Links particularly difficult, why? Site is not in the first place, however, Links we still insist on doing so, only the best. I have only heard about, do Shanghai dragon is adhere to the success. Then we also.


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