The interpretation of the enterprise site do Shanghai dragon hidden costs


four: time cost

Shanghai dragon is not permanent, but also contains certain risks, that many companies may update in June this year in Shanghai love algorithm to see. The search engine algorithm update may cause your site to be punished, and may even be K. It is more terrible to update the search engine algorithm may appear multiple times in the short term, we can see the commemoration of the June to August, Shanghai love is updated several times, each time the update will have a large number of sites implicated. The unstable factors in Shanghai Longfeng not only "natural", there may be a "man-made", that is the competition of malicious attacks, it can be said that your ranking is more prominent, more competitors want to put you on the whole, have a greater chance of latitude, who do not know any means for ranking the malicious competition is what will happen when


today has been very rampant, the weight of the chain, the chain blog forum cheap has low to poor, for our site to bring the effect is not very obvious. But low quality too much outside the chain is easy to cause the search engine punishment. So many companies began using two site to get the chain: one is to buy some high weight platform content publishing permissions, publish relevant information with the outside of the chain. The second is the direct purchase link. And these are the need for certain capital expenditures. But the chain need stability, this part of the funds also need to stabilize spending. For this part of the expenditure of many companies often tend to or slightly off.

: unstable factors

three: the chain resources also need to cost



Shanghai dragon competition is? Just a mainstream search keywords, the search results may be tens of millions, but may be able to really make a profit on the first page of the site only a few. "Achieves guku million, ranked 10 million behind the search results often in no profit situation for head broken and bleeding. The row on the first page can really "immortal", the water to flow, people go up, in the front page of the site to accept the challenge. The cruel Shanghai dragon battlefield, you will still cost? In Shanghai dragon competition, there are many sites bustling about a stage is then because the competition is too big.

many companies will choose Shanghai dragon is a fancy Shanghai Longfeng cheap. Because on the surface, Shanghai dragon does not have to pay the high cost of advertising, only need to hire one or several Er Shanghai Longfeng the site of the rankings do go up, there will be Everfount passenger. The actual situation is so then? Whether the cost of Shanghai dragon so low? I will be following in this article lists several enterprise site hidden behind the cost of Shanghai dragon.

two: competitive

The chain

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