With a long tail key is placed in front of Shanghai dragon ER as a good way out of the few

long tail keywords competition is relatively easy, target keywords flow like Chiu Man-Cheuk, you want to do not want to, you can’t love Shanghai, do not say impossible, at least it is difficult to. But if you are some of the long tail word at least not to love Shanghai because of competition, with the Shanghai love competition is not in a level. If you are with the same type of site competition, winning probability will be much larger. For example, you search for who won the Chiu Man-Cheuk Donnie Yen, the long tail keywords home at least love Shanghai products will be very few, are some of the news website information. Of course, if we are not news, so the high weight of the news website is not in front of us, the most is some rival site in front of us. These are organic rates beyond, as long as you continue to improve website weight, improve the user experience, the latest content continuously adjusted this is a great opportunity over competitors.

yesterday in the speed Transit Network Salon to hear Wang Tong teacher tells the story of a view, an example he cites is in love in search of Shanghai Chiu Man-Cheuk, first love is the Shanghai encyclopedia, second is the relevant information and news, and then is love Shanghai love Shanghai video and pictures, then some micro-blog and other video website. This example illustrates, there is no commercial value flow is Shanghai accounted for love. The commercial value of the term is for businesses. As applications have let the love Shanghai partners to share, and that my judgment will become increasingly prominent. This is down to Shanghai dragon er who has little room. When some of the things I heard Wang Tong teacher and I think back, I can’t help out in a cold sweat. Shanghai dragon has crisis to this point, it will have to let me think of some way to Shanghai dragon, I think only the long tail keywords may be the root, or is the small and medium-sized enterprises out.

now we don’t fight the target keywords ranking, a truly powerful website is the need to have numerous long tail keywords ranking. People don’t look so good, to check its love Shanghai weight is not high, but in fact, many small keywords are ranked, characteristics of long tail keywords is less traffic, but the total amount is quite large. The target keywords have certain limitations, then how are so few, also so much traffic. Like the long tail keywords is continuously generated, due to user demand change, its scalability is very strong. So the long tail keywords is worthy of our constant pursuit. I see a lot of people to.

you know the long tail keywords what advantage, competition is less people, accurate and strong. But the real value of the long tail keywords but also the need for the discovery and excavation, such as you tap into a value of long tail keywords after rivals all no one knows, so it is easy to rank up. If you really need, can provide the people less, because the user in the search when you find a house, so users do not have much of a choice, transactions easier.

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