Love will give Shanghai share website love Shanghai ranked the impact of conjecture

Shanghai Longfeng pony

then say love Shanghai since the launch of this product is estimated that many people have started to brush hands eager for a fight, although love since Shanghai launched this product must be ready to brush, there will be some defensive measures, but I believe that the power is enormous, there are certainly a lot of gifted children can come up with a way to brush up my hand, when a search for the words "Wuhan gynecological" today saw love Shanghai home site hand has been as high as 2.5W, is anyone who doubts that it is out of the brush, so that the hand is certainly can brush.

Love the sea

first in the analysis of the Zac predecessors explicitly mentioned in Shanghai to share love does not directly affect the site ranking we love Shanghai, love can be understood as Shanghai can share in other ways to influence the website ranking love Shanghai. For example, the user clicks, from the hands of the image point of view is the thumbs up, earth people should know it is good, so when some do not know the specific meaning of the user icon to see a website with the "thumb" is relative to other sites or the thumb number is certainly high naturally think of this website the other is better or more special, general users will click on the website, which improves the clicking rate and flow.

personal feeling, now love Shanghai is not of great significance to affect the ranking on the website of the share of the hands, but also can not determine the hands to develop and to what extent, perhaps love Shanghai looked good results it is one of the factors for the website ranking evaluation that is not necessarily, everything is unknown, I’m just guessing, only love in Shanghai, the next step in

article by Shanghai Shanghai dragon blog writing 贵族宝贝mjl贵族宝贝/post/13.html

years ago launched a new product to share a little love in Shanghai, is to appear on the website snapshot behind the image, also see today zac- Shanghai Longfeng daily post and Shanghai share will influence analysis of love love Shanghai ranking, thus have a certain idea.

we can guess, if the hand has become one of the criteria of love Shanghai ranking, will usher in a small brush of the storm, on the Internet Chinese situation estimation hands quickly with the chain, then this is definitely the hands of the quality will have high and low points, and do not say this love Shanghai to share how to distinguish small quality, love Shanghai share hands will cause a new round of love Shanghai ranking cheating criteria.

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