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With the continuous upgrading of 2014

first, with their own website as the case to explain the analysis of user needs steps. The author is very simple to do the main keywords of Lantian jade, with the change of 2014 love Shanghai algorithm, the articles published before, in order to update and update. In order to external chain and chain operation has been abandoned by the love of Shanghai, your site is down right for more than 2 months even though they do not think there is any form of cheating, but since I love Shanghai drop right analysis is certainly affected by the new algorithm in 2014, this time I constantly adjusted in recent months website optimization the idea of their own, finally feel gratified is, now has been ranked in the second page weight gradually returned to let yourself feel joy, love Shanghai love Shanghai optimization idea is the key. Keep up it must change in the Shanghai dragon Er, the author and the I is how to analyze the user needs to adjust the optimization idea. We know that if someone searches for the main keywords Lantian jade, our simple reasoning, what the needs of the user, understand the demand of Lantian jade, want to know where I can buy the Lantian jade, Lantian jade and other related knowledge, such as Lantian jade, Lantian jade maintenance, Lantian jade identification method etc.. Explicit and implicit user needs very much, but how do we know these needs? Here I tell you a very simple method, love Shanghai know we get most users, the most direct channel the most urgent needs, know the sea through the Q & a love can know the user a few years ago the recent demand demand, because love Shanghai know the question and answer time is very clear, you can understand the current and past user needs, analysis of the change of these demands, to solve the needs of users through the website, most of the time, it is because of our business on the front page of the site or other sites do not meet these needs user. So the user to love Shanghai know to ask.

as everyone knows, love Shanghai algorithm, the website optimization work is becoming more and more we talk about the most said of an aged person, 2014 is the user experience, grasp the needs of users, what is the user needs, we should through the details of what to consider and analysis, I believe that as a webmaster we must go deep understanding of user needs and mining say, user demand is not on the mouth, but the specific details through the website to realize and meet the user requirements, it should start from where? Well, we continued into the short gossip topic today, website optimization process analysis of user needs we should start from the details of what.

second, how to solve the user’s needs. First, the author mainly talk about how to analyze your website user needs, which we talk about how to solve and meet the needs of users, such as users to search the Lantian jade in which to buy? What types of Lantian jade? What is the identification of Lantian jade jade lotus understand these information? We have to do is according to the needs of users to write a targeted and attractive title, according to the "

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