mprove the user experience optimization scheme the server and the choice of the program

user experience is the site of the gate, if you don’t, then you will be eliminated. If you don’t treasure, then will be eliminated. So, to solve the user experience of the website will be the key site of survival. For the website optimization in improving the user experience, the first step is the choice of the server, the server after all the good and bad user experience, with good and bad is directly linked to the. So, the server choice must be more prudent, a step but will let you step by step to the. Today I talk about how to improve the user experience of the selection of optimal scheme and the server program:

so, choose a good server for the website optimization and user experience strive for further improvement, and website rankings with the server is stable and whether it has a direct relationship. Improve the user experience, the first step is to choose a fast speed, strong stability, good performance and security of the server, have some help for the website optimization operation later.

webmaster do stand replacement site program is commonplace, like today to see a fellow station looks better, naturally think of it as a. The site selection of the program, it can improve the user experience or to comply with the way to choose, or another nice website program if you can not give the user want function, then this program is in vain, and the web interface is not nice on the line, it is the most appropriate to the content of the website. Generally speaking, the choice of natural green health is the best choice, character signature black, because of the impact of the QQ space.


network server

for web site operators, the server is one of the most critical, do not pay attention to the performance of server, it would be a loss in the size of snacks later website operation. The author also had a problem with the server, tens of thousands of flow station a few days left 3 thousand. For this reason, the main server is not stable, over twenty thousand traffic crashes, open slow. So, the performance of the server does not pay attention to let yourself suffer without complaining. Therefore, in website optimization, one of the basic factors that influence the server but also improve the user experience. After all the user visits a website to open website can do, but if the day most of the time when the server cannot open because the site, so that the user block outside, a natural back okay, then two or three back then the user would be lost a lot, and the server is not stable the ranking weights are particularly large impact, as long as the three day server often isn’t open, then the ranking will fall down, no matter how much you do not use the chain. So, stable server for the website optimization like knife with a needle plate, both force effect will increase.

web application skills

for the site selection of the program, the author suggests that not only beautiful interface, but also according to their own to do the content, procedure function, friendly search engine to choose, so that it is not.

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