Look out! The latest love Shanghai promotion pay attention to the prevention of phishing sites

reduction process:

they usually manage a love Shanghai account, also usually hanging bridge. Of course there are customer price or exciting, because money. But a customer advisory today let not love, by my words come in, the results sent me a phishing site. The content is roughly "love Shanghai has to your promotion account successfully hit 1000 yuan, please verify in a timely manner, and the rest of the verification process to deal with, the amount of intelligence for account recharge, no refund, 贵族宝贝 fishing".


open fishing website


really, appearance is with www2.baidu贵族宝贝 as like as two peas. A liar pages do too freely, on top of the navigation link is not open, the part of banner is not JS dynamic effect, the verification code is a static picture, click "change one ‘is no response.

deceptive phishing sites

and I just lose a password, smooth landing. Anyway, here just lose anything is can go to the next page, here I’ve used 360 secure browser landing (I won’t tell you, love is not the Shanghai promotion account landing in 360 browser).



and then let you enter the coupon code

to this end, I hope useful for everyone.

and his own experience is how crooks. I like and I guess, do not slag to phishing sites, most links are not open to people, at least on the surface of phishing sites also do more work, poor

a little experience of the people to see that this is a problem of the address, I guess the phishing site, let you enter the account password, and then let you enter the mobile phone number to bind, let you fill in the verification code, you get the final liar account password, bound mobile phone number and verification code, right and proper landing. You love Shanghai promotion account background.


finally tell you the successful operation of


will let you fill in just received SMS verification code


!The following

the next page, enter the account bound mobile phone number (just lose, then submit, really want to play the point, you can fill in a real mobile phone number

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