Thanks to the competition website will be in an invincible position

fifth, the weight of the website to have more advantages than the original.

talked about structure, I really feel inferior, because the structure of the website and the other than it is much worse than the standard structure I is 4 to 5, and the other is the three layer tree structure, even the spider love website has the advantages of simple structure, it is not about the people. I believe the time has been a long time, and then change the site structure is not possible, it is really a tragedy! From this point, the other website is my website to beat.

from the beginning of January this year, I have been engaged in the website, the main key has been ranked in the first place, the situation is more ideal, a strange thing happened recently, web site keywords first friends of the company in the first place, now I fell to fourth, I want to friends in the company of the website must have done improper practices. Don’t expect love in Shanghai on the Internet and a big update, their website is still ranked first in the moment, and I slipped to fourth. The heart is not the taste, so the two sites compared what insight from some truth:

third, with a clear web page layout.

digital to you now, I think it is easier to let everyone know. I included in the site has been hovering around 3000, the chain in 15000, according to the digital count, and the chain is included in the ratio of 1:5; the other is my content is relatively less, he included in about 300, is only my 1/10, but his chain number reached 9000, the ratio of close to 1:300. some people may ask, this ratio can explain what the problem? Do you think the number of votes each have 30 chain number when the contents of a collection, but I only have 5. If someone make a suggestion, thirty people in total than 5 people agree much better.


fourth, the chain number of votes as possible.

I site content is various, the layout was fairly good; other web content is much more, but his page layout is quite clear, gives a fresh feeling. Compared to the other, "I arranged to have some matter together, a bit crowded feeling. When you see the other side of the page layout, will certainly feel very fresh, at a glance, the user can know about what is the theme of the site, and I just feel disorderly to users.

second, the speed of the site

user experience is undoubtedly cannot do without the speed of the site. When it comes to speed, I think my site speed really cheating ah, only 2 seconds to open people ", and I have 5 seconds. The spider is certainly very hate, not to mention the user, I think some users may not directly turn off the "I hate. Than the other, is also reasonable.

first website, as simple as possible

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