The development of Shanghai dragon and the search engine has been keeping pace with the times

on accumulation of flow

on the whole, the target and the search engine of the Shanghai dragon’s goal is the same, Shanghai dragon is in order to make the site a better usability and get more traffic, but also to the search engine users can find the information they want. The Shanghai dragon staff, the most important to provide some value, and site related theme, the best is the high quality original article, and the search engine to do is through their own algorithm, all meet the conditions of the content, a variety of calculation, finally return value high, to help users show the contents of the to the user, so the Shanghai dragon and search engine coexist.

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search engine is also in constant change, but there is no way to adjust, it is always around the center of the user, can provide users with valuable information is essential to the search engine, on the other hand, also in Shanghai dragon with the needs of users in making adjustments, changes the development of Shanghai today and we make a dragon and search engine, hope to see this paper can help to webmaster.

Shanghai dragon in the domestic development time is not too long, in the Shanghai dragon rising early, the most commonly used gimmick is the keyword, and this method is very easy to use. In the title tag, tags or keywords in the web page of text on a large number of target words, a few days will have good rankings and flow, many owners will even put in the page and the content is not a lot of Related words, so as to realize the search engine from the intercepted a lot of traffic. But many owners are beginning to use the good times don’t last long, this crazy accumulation of keywords or abuse label, this time the quality of the search will certainly decline, will also directly affect the search engine. When the most famous search engine Alta Vista was abandoned because of this user. So, while many owners in the loophole, the search engine will also be adjusted accordingly, to punish these cheating means more severe.

Shanghai dragon

and search engine goal is a front

on the chain of the rankings for

keyword accumulation in does not have the effect, began to enter another Shanghai dragon age, that is the era of external links. The invention of the "noble baby level and love Shanghai hyperlink algorithm are based on the external link for the foundation, in simple terms, it means more external links, the higher PR, the higher the weight, so the ranking will be higher. Many owners have started their own crazy external links of the road, whether it is a forum, or a large number of manufacturing spam links, links to purchase, or manufacturing stations, all of the ranking plays a role. But then the search engine also began to fight back, either Goolge or love Shanghai, have developed a corresponding countermeasures, such as the noble baby sandbox, love Shanghai’s new observation period, these measures can make the external links to mitigate the effect. So many webmaster due to the.

Era The rapid development of the Internet makes

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