Some of the views of Shanghai dragon and original content links


: the first search engine is not able to identify the so-called original, personally think that the search engine does not recognize the so-called original, so too much emphasis on the original content and no real meaning, in fact, whether an article is original, sometimes with who is the first to be included, I believe that many webmaster will often find themselves sometimes hard to write original must not be included, but others reproduced after this article was collected, if the article was reprinted many words, included many words, their so-called original might not be included until your site weight, accumulated to a certain extent, have a chance to be included. The webmaster friends will say, can be captured according to time to determine, but this is not fair, and sometimes can not be fully realized. Personally think that only when the site has some weight, published original articles to the meaning of the original article, at the same time, there should be a meaning, is the relatively new, not many online reprint articles, for example, you go to reprint a relatively fresh article, be included the possibility of greatly increased, and the search the engine will give approval to a certain extent.

believes that most of the webmaster friends can understand, to write an original article is not easy, if you write something every day is not easy, and need a website to get a lot of original content, original content so much itself is a difficult task, so in order to solve the problem, the webmaster The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Gexianshentong. The way to do a lot of content, but to sum up, nothing more than the original and false scanning tool to scan the original content, then, whether the original really so important? The pseudo original is really useful? What are the association between dragon and Phoenix on the original content? To solve these problems, the author puts forward the personal view, of course, this is a personal opinion, hope to get more high perspicacity.

second: pseudo original really meaningful, personally feel that is not the case, someone has written many do false original article, cited the changes to the title, change two end segment, and smooth adjustment of various methods have been proposed stitching way to do false original, in the past, but also a useful tool to do pseudo original, personal feel is not a great meaning to do so, the search engine can now identify more effective, this is related to the working principle of search engine, and the individual thinks, word segmentation, word if an article, then summarize the times, these words appear proportion, then the search engine judgment for these words, to see if there are many articles have such similar proportions, that is to say the search engine has a standard that reach the number of similar The degree that is copied, of course, this is my personal idea, always want to test, but no conditions, hope someone can achieve a test. According to my personal view, smooth adjustment, change the title has little meaning, some words or adjust the proportion of the key, or to replace some of the words, but to keep the readability of the article, it is better.

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