Talk about the development status of 2012 web site and the future development direction

said the web site, I think many webmaster can associate to the originator of the hao123 web site, with the "simple" web site resource integration, Hao123 created a new type of site, it also allows web site without a fire, in this year we can see is to imitate the Hao123 web site as a feather, instantly filled with our desktop computer. But after several years of Internet personal web site how mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, and the survival of the

I want to do a web site webmaster, most will persuade this type of site development, because the development environment compared to 2011, 2012. The operation is even more difficult, web site is not only to face the Internet with their large repeat site, but also for meat and hao123, 360 tiger wins this navigation Internet tycoon, a word very tangled. For web site development status in 2012, the author summarized 4 simple:

site navigation of the four exhibitions situation, can make the personal web site development difficult, because compared to these internet tycoon do web site, personal Adsense is incomparable often in technology and human resources, but this does not mean that there is no personal web site navigation site development. The author thinks that, like the popular Taobao guest website, despite the love of Shanghai and taobao贵族宝贝 crackdown, Amoy have closed website stationmaster of a lot of careers, but is the challenge of radical opportunities, a lot of Taobao Adsense > upstream guest

1: construction site Daquan site required technical threshold is low, many owners to follow suit, the influx of this type of operation in site, can be expected in 2012 by the company to earn money. This leads to the quality of Web site field is uneven, resulting in the industry reputation decline.

4: the mainstream browser further force, there is a close link between the web browser and browser, such as 360, with the majority of users of its products have, and can successfully promote their own navigation platform 360 navigation, which further compression of the personal web site navigation site space.


3: search engine for the site quality requirements of the continuous upgrading, the above mentioned site there are serious homogenization problems, and with the Shanghai search algorithm for love is not to upgrade, for the homogenization of the site audit has been continuously strengthened, this homogeneous site often do not get the favour of search engine, cause. Daquan site in the search engine performance is not satisfactory.


2: Internet users dependent on site gradually decreased, with the increasing popularity of the Internet, when Internet users continue to be familiar with the Internet, some frequently visited sites will directly down access direct input address access. Reliance on Web site gradually reduced, further weakening the competitiveness and value of customers.

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