Some signs of a slight drop right analysis website optimization Website

first, the website ranking suddenly fell to 100 pages away. The author of a site recently had a similar situation, a tourist site domain name on the age of three years, without any revision and the like, the chain has been stable, last week I found myself suddenly when the search keyword ranking dropped to 100 pages, so that a staggering, this time I carefully on the website of the data analysis, the chain and content remained stable, and then open the home page, dismay scene appeared, the site is dedecms, the home page is hanging love Shanghai AD, I think he did for Shanghai AD is love ah, immediately the first reaction is to be black, this time the author is very calm, as long as included in the rankings, back is no problem, please contact the space for the site was restored, restored to last month’s data, open the site after the disappearance of malicious code After two days, but still not in the rankings, this week in the search keyword website finally returned to the first page, in relief at the same time, the author obtained valuable experience is that the site suddenly changed, there are several reasons, one is the analysis of Web site and the chain, if the data fell sharply indicating their optimization itself is a problem, its reason is the key. The two is the analysis of Web log, see if there are 404 code, if the server is to open the site long time will appear this problem, the last point of the page source, to see if it was linked to the black or black. The above three points can usually be easily will cause the website suddenly disappeared quickly find themselves can handle, website ranking no, will suddenly let people know what to do, but it is often very easy to handle, thunder and rain is the most appropriate to describe.

as everyone knows, the process of operation and maintenance of website optimization, not only is the process of implementation of the strategy, more important is to grasp the details and analysis of factors details, get a glimpse of that is coming, this not only reflects the optimization of thinking of professional maturity, but also reflects the website optimization should always pay attention to the optimization of vigilant consciousness, good the author will continue short gossip from the following points for your analysis of website optimization excessive pre most obvious performance analysis.

second, analysis the snapshot not update or snapshot update slow reason. In general, as long as their use is formal method, usually is the snapshot of the next day, in the poor will within a week, if you have a snapshot of the normal sudden stagnation phenomenon, the author suggests that we must establish whether we love Shanghai in the study site, set up vigilance is down right consciousness is the key. Shanghai love may be due to their own reasons, database and so on error will lead to such things happen, but I think more, will analyze their responsibility blindly on love of Shanghai we don’t have any positive effect, encountered such a situation it is easier than actually analysis, relationship between general and snapshot update frequency and the content of the website the quality of the most closely, such as your article is always original, suddenly the day had no desire to write a "pseudo original, wanton

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