The Shanghai dragon novice how to take into account the design and optimization

1, the static suffix, but it is still contain dynamic code, but also not conducive to the search engines.

not open speed, but increases the open burden, because not only to dynamic code loading, but also generate static suffix transformation code loading, the loading more slowly.

2, to speed up the search engine

more than three points, in fact, the Shanghai Phoenix are no good, so I do not recommend the novice, or don’t understand people to use.

first, I think that the biggest mistake is the use of pseudo static, the modified suffix approach, this approach had a serious impact on the site included, actually this kind of way to change the suffix just try to cope with the customer, if you don’t like this, we can not do any kind of static page code, actually do accustomed to, is not very cost things, so in order to better adapt to the needs of the search engine, that will only change the suffix to cheat customers, oh, there are so few points to determine his.

: JS, flash and other special effects, the page is good-looking, but these are all search engines can not read the information, so the impact site in the search engine’s weight, I also carefully and everybody said, specific hazards.

second: the use of flash, also.

recently I made a new station, in the application of science and technology, began when thinking about optimization of things, but doing not pay too much attention, especially too much, plus the project time is too tight, the technology couldn’t spare a lot of time to do so, it is delayed, so now the effect of the ranking has not been very satisfactory, anyway, have a station ranking good, did not care about, if it’ll be a novice, here I made several known fatal error.

first JS: Although the effect is very good, but the search engine can’t grab, if you want to use, I suggest not to use the site’s home page and navigation, especially navigation, is a very important place, once the search engines to influence the recording and snapshot update, if not to do so. In the copyright place a navigation, this can make up for some.

Hello, I am the actual web design, recent thing has been bothering me, is how to balance the optimization and design of the two aspects, very attention before this, but for a long time, also slowly forget the feeling of what it can do, in fact, recently made a new found that is not the case, the optimization or honest, so that we can go further, let me talk about the need to pay attention to, especially useful for beginners.

3, when used to let the server pseudo static loading rules, modify the trouble, if their servers better said, if the use of space, it is in trouble, and space does not support, support prices will be higher, not suitable for beginners.

Secondly, the use of a large number of

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