Where the hair of the chain and how to excavate the chain

1. owners forum, every day to collect fast, high weight webmaster forum replies, for example: a push forum, A5 (preferred), Chinaz, why and so on, behind the Shanghai dragon.


2. blog, we want to keep some weight high blog (for example: Sina, NetEase, Sohu, and so on) since it is raised, it belongs to the meticulous care, intentions about their website. The timing to publish articles, be sure to send good article, the user experience is good, the weight of the natural high. But don’t start to pay attention to the new blog link, no links to articles starting a week, and included links with the plan.

chain method ad zone"

2. love sea search "ad zone by Discuz" and "Powered by phpwind

3. to " the site automation propaganda machine " submit, rapidly improve site exposure rate, this tool is very strong, but not every day to submit, I suggest 1 times one week.


3. love Shanghai chain query "domain: + space website +bbs

fixed the chain:

chain query tool is closed, but there are many webmaster like never before with the YAHOO chain query tool to query their own, outside the chain of competitors, it is important not to dig new chain resources, so many webmaster for the chain resources troubles. Here, I do not speak too much nonsense, directly tell you where I was outside the chain and how to excavate the chain.

1. using the command to find the Senior Forum "inurl:bbs+ space + keywords"

4. Links, the new station is difficult to change to Links, if you stand up to go to the snapshot, in general, good snapshot station is very easy.

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