The weight of how fast the excellent Shanghai dragon website

as an excellent Shanghai dragon website optimization, how to quickly enhance the weight of their own website, this is a network optimization is to achieve the realm. This article I wrote my recent experience to do network optimization to share. My own method of how to quickly improve the weights of the website to tell you. Maybe a lot of people don’t think what, just a lot of hot air, do more and more people have become very impetuous now, they love to teach him to fish, but not love granted in the fish. This is now many do network optimization is a common problem, do not pay attention to the experience, but very deliberately to value the results. And the result is also often opposite, often failed to achieve the desired results. I think the website optimization good will first have a good attitude and experience.

keyword, we do website optimization should not unfamiliar, we want to do the optimization, we must to establish the site theme, to establish the theme of the website is a website, you must find the key theme website. The key we have a goal and direction of the website optimization. In the face of words, I want to say is, selection, optimization, stability. Keyword selection is very important, which is the core, we will have a clear goal of the direction of the future work can be carried out smoothly, it can only be empty hard, hard white. After the selection of keywords, we have to do is to optimize the key word. The beginning is not recommended to go directly to optimize our target keyword, because you can go to see the love of Shanghai index, a good search key rate is very high, do the same in this keyword is a lot of people, if you go directly to the face, to do so, the pressure should be great, the effect is not so good. That is to say, we can from our keywords, first of all to do long tail keyword related, until the long tail keywords reach a certain number. "

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many people think that website optimization is a very good thing to do, is often thankless, indeed in the beginning do I have this feeling, every day to do so much work, spend so much time, but is not the day day in the past the ranking, the weight of the site did not happen a little change. Why? Then there will be a lot of people have doubts, even give up, this is in fact each has just started to do network optimization must experience. For a long time, slowly rich experience, also all is well done. Now I think website optimization is actually a quality, quantity, and is thinking of changing, and finally the implementation of the process. This is so simple. You might say, why don’t you find? Perhaps we only do in optimization, and the reason why this way to stop doing it, sometimes think is more useful. Well, so much, so in the end how to do the site in order to improve the rapid weight? Then I will show you how to do. Maybe you will help. I mainly talk about three important aspects.

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