The most Adsense attention but not to participate in the three major factors ranking

I believe that all the Shanghai dragon Er have a common goal: website ranking. The jobs we do, the effort is to make our website ranking better. But in the forum, Post Bar, or with other Shanghai dragon Er AC always found them there are a lot of misunderstanding, always pay great attention to information that has nothing to do with the ranking. So go the wrong direction, but for a long time to get good rankings. The following is my observation and communication by summed up the most common mistakes, to share with you.

often seen on the love of Shanghai snapshot of the post in the forum, but the content is that snapshot update slow, not updated snapshot, snapshot snapshot back, how to do not open, the site is down right, how to restore and so on. The update time of love Shanghai snapshot there are some misunderstanding, that there is a certain relationship between the website snapshot update time and the weight of the website, the more frequently updated snapshot, the higher the weight of the site, ranking the better, on the other hand, the lower. In fact is not the case, with the weights, and no ranking snapshot of what association. I often do with other webmasters said, but we do not believe that. This love, Shanghai officials have made special explanation. Below is the head of the community in Shanghai, Lee made clear, some of the main content, the specific you can go to look at their own.

1, love Shanghai.

2, website

included many webmaster in order to pursue the increase of a large number of articles will be updated every day, especially enterprise station. This article is the most updated news technical information and website content correlation. This continues, will only do destroy their own website. The reason is very simple, the large number of news technical information you update, if there is a ranking over the flow, but this part of the crowd most of your products there is no demand, read the article and go, resulting in a high bounce rate, is in love with sea as garbage, causing right down The loss outweighs the gain..


believe that the webmaster see love Shanghai official explanation, should not be entangled in the snapshot of the problem.

is a part of the webmaster can think more pages of the web site included, the ranking, the higher the weight. In fact, it is not the case, the website included many with the ranking is the Never mind. More owners have included the amount as a condition for friends of the chain, you included less I will not change with you. This is absolutely wrong.

specific case, is not to say that, you can go to love Shanghai just search for a keyword, then on the top and bottom of the website are analyzed, can be easily found, the row in front of the site may not, at the back of the net station may be included in large quantity. For this, we want to do a little well, every indexed pages are valuable.

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