The interactive details set allows users love the site did not discuss

recently started small optimization site — Anhui talent network, although the establishment of the website time is not short, but the true number of users is not optimistic, many people will think this is the reason why the market competition, more at present, but from the angle of Shanghai dragon of the part or the need to optimize the site there are so small, every day in the study site need to add keywords and site content is what the user has not yet found valuable information ". Of course, this is a member of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to do the work, but the effect remains to be seen if you webmaster execution

Oh! navigation! With the popularity of WeChat !

said the so-called user experience, the site if you want to leave a good impression to the user, and can attract more users to click into our site, some small details of interaction is applied to the site can try Oh! Such as messages, comments and other functions, these functions seem small, but the number of the huge Internet users involved will form a lot of original content for the site, of course, this is also the search engine love oh! So in order to make the site to keep visitors, may wish to consider some of the details of the interaction set



point like features, many websites of their own article pages will also set up a "top step" function, if this article can help you solve the problem, it easily to a "top" and no trouble! So many webmaster to add the function of the content, so that more visitors have of course, if the sense of participation, the function of the right position, but also can bring it to optimize the effect of

in fact, not only is the article page, some classification, the product page can also set the "comments" function, the function is more want users to express their personal views, so good and bad will appear, you also should actively check, to avoid malicious slander rival news. May also be afraid of such a situation.

in recent years, Shanghai dragon is not only a technical work for search engine, but more inclined to think of how to build the site from the user’s point of view. It is because of continuous adjustment of the search engine algorithm, allowing users to experience as many owners need to focus on the content in the website design, the site can not only rely on search engines like ignoring the so-called user experience, this may The loss outweighs the gain.

2 "manual, good point, easy and labor-saving

3, "comments" function, let you speak freely

1, go with the user navigation, good

small studied many competitors found that many site navigation is set to follow the user’s way, is actually let the navigation move with the user moving the mouse, but is not static in the current state of the page, so the effect of the user experience better. So webmaster friends, may wish to try the effect! Ps: small love this


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