The site layout and page article push rules


then I take the initiative to adjust, updated daily original articles, and push it to the top, and then update a pseudo original article, pushed to the "recommended" plate, the rest of the article, I will look at the situation at random, regardless of its position. About a week later, my snapshots came up, with the sustained and stable included.

you know, want to get the latest snapshot, included the fastest, first you update frequency fast, followed by the quality of your high. The site, at least 2, 3 people in charge of a column, more than ten or twenty people in charge of the channel or plate, but also the cooperation of traditional news media or website first hand original source, update frequency, quantity and quality of course, no doubt, and no doubt included snapshot quickly. However, for small sites, especially one station, usually a site has 3, 4 plates, limited manpower, impossible to achieve each plate are updated every day. The station we usually updated daily two original articles is not easy. Therefore, these two articles, as we get the latest and fastest snapshot included main force.

some new station every day, diligent, spent a lot of time, every day of the original 4, 5 or more articles, but the snapshot of the collected and is still not ideal, the reason where? What there is no feasible solution? Want to rely on every day an article the updated snapshot and included. There is no

! what skills?I was doing my first

sum up, want to rely on a few small website articles have more love Shanghai, need to pay attention to the following points:

in my home, in addition to setting up the headlines, and recommend hot outside, also the layout of the 4 columns of the latest articles of the plate. I focus too much on the headlines and recommended only with particularly good articles before they will be pushed to the two sector, the rest of the articles are updated to show in the 4 column of the latest articles. Because the number of updates is not fixed, the column is not fixed, so I updated the article always at home in different positions in the beating. Sometimes in the headlines, sometimes in recommendation, sometimes in the cervical structure, sometimes in the symptoms of cervical spondylosis. This is not to tell you love Shanghai, the center where you want it, what a

2, to continue to update.

website now, cervical spondylosis net, blindly seeking to expand keywords, too much separation plate. Due to the lack of energy, every day can not do all plates are updated, although sometimes 5 or so of the false original article, but the recording and snapshot was not ideal, always stay in the two weeks ago, it caused great obstacles to the exchange of Links etc.. Then one day I realized suddenly, my web page layout, is also the push problem. How to understand

1, on the site, especially when the page layout, we must consider the problem of push.

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