Data speak why the old site will be photographed on the beach

put two pieces of cake free cake, one is 9 inches, the other one is 6 inches, all locked the big one to carve, is not very stupid? In fact, for the flow is not that so? This is statistics a search engine traffic accounted for, not some social software such as: WeChat, micro-blog, the public account number……

for two years, the mobile user equipment upgrade close to 3 hundred million, which is the number of terrible? For now, 1 billion 170 million, has been completely equivalent to the Chinese per person a mobile phone in the internet. And relatively speaking: Chinese computer can mean to one per person? Won the customers, won the business, advertising is not the only PC can do! But unfortunately, there is still at least one half of the site is not recognized this opportunity to mobile traffic.

in the traditional industries, any device can be used for a lifetime, not to mention the Internet? Now is the era of mobile, but the number of sites and even mobile traffic had never seen? Perhaps they had seen, but never thought it grew so terrible: < /p>

! obsolete equipment

why a red envelope can be done a few years Alipay users to bind to death? Because this generation we all love playing WeChat, all love red envelopes, especially to the wife / lover of red envelopes, so that: the growth of WeChat grasp the user groups, and the needs of the user groups. And you do.

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what kind of Internet users the most, even if you are not sure of this, but also how to make a web site traffic? For example: more than 20 year old girls love to do what? Consumption, entertainment, shopping, starchaser…… A 30 year old woman family, children, delicacy?…… We look at the mobile users in 2015 proportion:

: do not upgrade

yilaomailao not only exist in life, in the field of Internet is even more so, there are large quantities of successful on-line website every day, then more sites booted out at this time! There is a group of people say: my web site to do so long, he is even worse than a child? Today we’ll discuss the old site, why was photographed on the beach of



what is the current site every day is only rely on love love Shanghai? Shanghai’s website three shakequot this is an indisputable fact! A mention of website optimization, 99% of the people think that sex is Shanghai’s Shanghai dragon. But it ignores the fact that love Shanghai is only occupy 60% of the market share:


two: flow dependent single too



user age and demand

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